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    Hacked game robs me of MY fun


      i've just been robbed by a HACKER of the pleasure of getting to the next prestige level by sheer hard work and learning the maps, knowing I did this without CHEATING!!! I'm so p*ssed off right now! how dare you ruin MY enjoyment of the game I paid hard earned money for!


      I had just got to level 58 and was looking forward to an evening of working my way to 60 where I would end my evening on a high note with a sense of achievement. I entered game took 1 shot and instantly hit level 60, on checking my score I see I've got 9999 points, who was hacking difficult to tell as everyone had the same score.  what was I supposed to do report everyone, I left


      When are they going to do something about this! We pay your wages by buying/supporting this franchise/game, start listening to the thousands of post on a weekly basis that are telling you this game is HACKED