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    Wii Wifi getting turned off May 20th


      Sadly, Nintendo is slamming the hammer on the Wii. That means we won't be able to play the Wii CoDs (WaW, MWR, Mw2, BO1, MW3) online anymore. I have had the best memories playing Black Ops 1 and Modern Warfare 3 on the Wii. I'm really going to miss those terrible graphics and hackers.

      On the bright side, do you guys think that this will get us more players on Ghosts and Black ops 2?

      R.I.P Wii CoDs

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          i dont know if it will affect the cods. cuz as i understand it, its only the servers that nintendo runs and pays for that are going to be shut down. cods servers are run by activision or treyarch or whoever they pay. and its not like your wii is gonna automatically not be able to use or connect to the internet. they cant disable that. plus, it will still be able to connect to like the shops and everything. so idk

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            It's a shame the way Nintendo supports its best-selling console of all time

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              No, it's not actually. They're taking what are now somewhat necessary steps to try and get the enormous Wii user base to convert/upgrade to Wii U. That's what I see this as. (Notice that they're ending online for the Wii so soon to the release of Mariokart 8. Mariokart Wii is, along with Smash Bros. Brawl, the biggest online Nintendo Game). They are trying to give more of a reason to jump on the bandwagon right there.

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                maybe they just decided its no longer profitable to support hacking a$$holes who dont support the next gen as its hacker free, ever consider that?

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                  No no no, it's unfair. period.

                  Christmas 2012: Wii sold more than Wii U, after few months Nintendo shuts down some channels,  now shuts down everything. The console is out of production since 2013 (wii mini is not a wii after all)...did all these bullsh*t driven the userbase to Wii U?



                  Because you don't have to "kill" Wii to sell more Wii U, you must do something different, you must make a better console that has a bigger appeal than the prevoius one, as Sony and Microsoft do (and nintendo did in the past).

                  PS3 and X360 are still supported, Nintendo stopped to support wii in 2011 and this is not fair with all the people that recently (around one year) have bought a Wii

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                    COD is on page 2 of the list.  This links to page 1.  I thought it linked to page 2 in the other thread.  Click the arrow to go to page 2.  All wii COD games are listed.

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                      I hope it gets people to upgrade.  I don't know why they wouldn't want to anyway.  I love my Wii U and I love the COD games on it.  I know some people that still play W@W and only that.  They never got any of the other COD games.  Hopefully they will upgrade now.  This is no surprise.  Nintendo is done with Wii and they want people to get Wii U.  Maybe they will.  I hope they will.

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                        This doesn't apply to third party games because servers are hosted by them. Games that Nintendo runs like Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Etc. Will be affected. If the third party companies want to go along with this to push people on those games into the next generation then they can do it to. I believe that this also effects DS games too. Nintendo is taking a really big, big risk to push there customers to the Wii's predecessor (They might even do a trade your Wii towards a Wii U plan with this in the future). However, the worst case scenario for ol' Nintendo is those Wii owners go to the dark side (PS4, Xbox One) (JK, they aren't evil). If this tactic works (Which chances are, it might help a little, but not much) the Wii U might actually sell.

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                          wiiu will do just fine once mk8, smash, bayonetta and other must-have exclusives come out, im certain.

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