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    1H1K Recruiting (All Platforms) (Level 14) (Platinum)

      1H1K is now recruiting


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      About Us:

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      Well, those of you who have seen our adds in the past, we have some updated information, those who haven't seen our adds, please read:


      Sorry for the long add, but in my opinion, it's important you have a good background before you join our team.  Yes, our team, not mine!


      We are no longer a small clan, we have over tripled in size in the last couple of weeks, with over 50 members to date!  Thanks to all of our newer members who have joined, you guys rock!  We are about 50/50 at this time with half of our members being XBOX360, half being PS3, and a smaller majority of PS4, and XBOX One.  Yes, we do have them, and they could use some help, and company!  Heck, even steam users, feel free to apply, I would love us to be able to get some of you PC players on board (You'll just have apply to the clan through the app)!


      We're still currently looking to expand.  I am super excited about us competing in upcoming clan wars, since we have so many more members, and on a diverse amount of platforms.  We are currently a level 14 clan, and are growing daily, especially with all of the newer members that are helping out tremendously.


      Our core group of gamers that started this clan comprises of about 10 gamers, most of us know each other in real life, and the rest have been playing COD together for several plus years.  It's awesome to grow together as a clan, and build relationships.  We are now also international!  We have some awesome players from overseas (UK / Netherlands etc..) Just wonderful people!  I'm sure they would love some more company since they are in a completely different time zone then the USA, please apply if that interests you.


      Here at 1H1K we realize everybody has real lives, families, full time jobs, but we try to game as often as possible.  Real life takes priority, all we ask is for you to be as active as possible when clan wars is upon us.  If not, no huge deal, but it helps the team out if we all work together towards a common goal.  Here at 1H1K we are not HUGE on K/D but really would prefer you to have at least a 1.0 K/D, or even more importantly a high win percentage.  We understand many people play for the objective so you're K/D will drop, so winning percentage is also an important factor.  K/D is not the end all be all in my opinion, that is why you will see some players in our clan that are below a 1 K/D but have good winning percentages, and are loyal, and active.


      Many of us play standard TDM, but with clan wars stirring up the pot, we have to leave our comfort zones and venture out to other game modes.  If you are a diverse player, and play many different game modes, we could use you.  Many of our XBOX guys play Domination so that really helps out.  If you play hardcore modes, or blitz, or domination, we could use you.  If you think you could help out our team, please apply.  If you're highly motivated, and active, please apply.  If you're looking to have fun, and win, please apply. 


      I'm still personally trying to get to know many of our newer members, but it will take awhile.  If you come on board, and you're looking to meet people, start adding people from our clan, I'm sure many are itching to get to know you and share our passion of gaming.  It would be very helpful if you had the COD app, since we try to communicate through the chat feature of the app with each other.  We have a lot more activity in there now, and you can usually find somebody to play with, and just chat with.  Some members are shy, or have a group they like to play with, so just keep adding people until you find some you can group up with.


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      Here are a few prerequisites, and things to consider, if you are interested in applying to our clan:

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      - We're not looking for people to jump ship, don't join if you're a clan jumper, we want to build relations!

      - We're not all about the K/D, but would really prefer people with a K/D of 1.0 or higher.

      - If you have a high winning percentage, that is just as good as a 1.0 or higher K/D.

      - We would love a team orientated person, that has a good sense of humor and can take a joke.

      - Must be over 18 years old. (If you're not old enough to buy the game, please don't apply).

      - Must have a MIC, as we need to be able to communicate and work together as a team.

      - If you have a buddy that you want to bring along, let us know.

      - Must be able to speak English, so we can communicate.

      - We don't discriminate, female gamers are also welcome to join, as are international based players.


      We have some new members that would love some company, so feel free to apply, we'd be happy to have you!  I appreciate your consideration, you can apply via the call of duty app, just search for:  1H1K


      XBOX Players please messageTinyschism

      PS3 Players can message me:    Pimply


      Have fun and win guys, as that's what it's all about!  See you on the battlefield!


      - Pimply (PSN Gamer Tag)

      * If you send me a message via PSN, let me know you came from the forums.