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    What are you, the player, doing about the modders?


      This isn't a post to complain about hackers/modders or whatever anyone is calling them. This isn't a post to beg Activision/IW to do something about these horrible players; we have a few hundred of them. This post is about what we, the players, are doing to enable these players to continue to do what they are doing.


      You join a lobby, you see a clan on the other team. You look at the stats and see one of the members of that clan is a modder. The members of that clan don't care because they are receiving the benefit of it. This clan is enabling these modders.


      How many of you join a lobby, see a modder in lobby and wait to see if he is on your team? If he is not on your team, you back out but if he is, you stay in because it's a easy win. No one wants to go against a modder but if he is on your team, well, that's OK.


      Perhaps, you do notice a modder in lobby and you instantly back out. What a good guy you are... except, you didn't let the rest of the lobby know that they are playing with a modder. Not everyone may be as smart as you and figure out who is a hacker.


      I think you are getting the point.


      When I grew up, I learned that if you want to make changes, you first make the changes that you can for yourself. The popular opinion (not one I share) is that IW is doing nothing about the modders but neither are the players. We, as a community, are enabling them. We are the drug dealers giving the addicts their next fix.


      Why are people modding? It's because those who mod have a low self-esteem and need ways to get accepted. They're not doing it for the challenge. It can't be fun to play easy mode on a game, hours after hours after hours. Stop making these runts feel good about themselves!


      I've decided to go on a 1 man crusade against modders. I am going to try to make their games as miserable as I can. To hell with my K/D ratio. To hell with my W/L ratio.


      I will call the modder out in the lobby so that everyone knows. I will let them know that I know they have a low self esteem. I will call their friends out in the lobby too.


      If a modder is on my team, I will troll them the entire game. I will trap them in corners. I will stand in front of them. I will shoot near them into the air to give the enemy an idea where they are located. I will let the team know what I am doing. I will play hardcore so that ricochet will hurt them.


      There is a lot more I can do and there is plenty that this community can do to not make it fun for the modders to play. Let's ruin the game for them as they have done for us!


      Who is with me?! Who has any other ideas that we can do to make their lives miserable?

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          How do you spot a modder in the lobby? Apart from the blank square. When I find a hacker like today, got hit by hip firing 208 from the length of the prison break building site, it's too late. Aimbots a botch ! If you in UK psn me no point discussing on an open forum . Or better still how's about forming a clan specifically to troll the usual suspects ?

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            Um that sounds ok... But when the game is broken because of what they can do (all the cheats they use or the XP) I will not stay there and take a chance of getting caught up in the bans when it happens.

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                Not asking you to. You said you leave which is a good way of handling it like I said, but make sure all the other players in the lobby know there is a modder there. Leaving without saying anything will leave the ignorant players who have no idea what's going on will just give the modders a reason to play. Take away their fun just like they are taking away yours. Knowledge is power and more and more that we get players to stop playing with these modders or out to take their fun away, the less appealing modding will be.

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                Nothing really. It's more up to the developers to actually do something about it. Based on previous "updates", I'm guessing they'll do something about it but not until the next update or whatever. I liked playing MW3 a lot but with all the hackers/modders, it's a joke. No sense in complaining about it to IW since that game is long been off the shelf. Really enjoy playing SnD on MW3 against hackers who are both invisible AND invincible. Pretty sad that they let the game get that bad and won't even do anything about it.


                As for Ghosts, I've seen aimbotters a lot as well as a couple wall hackers. The main hack I see a lot is the Magnum hack, or whatever it's called. Played a few games of TDM last night and this one loser douche had the hack on and was dropping people on Siege in one shot with the magnum from LOOOOOOONG distance. Pure BS. Personally I find it uber lame for someone to cheat in a MP game. You wanna cheat on SP/campaign? Fine, you're only fooling yourself into believing you're good. But in MP, I guess there are certain 10 year olds that derive pleasure from having great stats in a video game. As if that is somehow going to mitigate their eventual failure as an adult or something.


                Whenever I come across a hacker, I just leave the lobby. I tried contacting IW about it earlier but they were all like,

                -do you have a screenshot of the incident?

                -do you have video of the alleged hacking?

                -do you have any other proof of the incident?


                Seriously, the **** do I look like? You think I have everything setup prior to playing JUST so I can grab evidence on hackers? The game is lame but the attitude and half assedness of the support staff is even worse.

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                    Thanks for contributing nothing. This wasn't a post to complain about them, its a post to get the community to stop making it fun for the modders to play. You can wait for the developers to do something or you can make the modders not have fun.


                    Read your post. You were in a lobby with a guy who can 1HK people with a magnum from a long distance. What did you do about it? Did you stay? How many of those kills did the guy have to get before you left? Did you tell your teammates about them?


                    As long as you are enabling them, you are just as bad as the developers who haven't done anything about it.

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                    For a while before the last update the hackers were getting pretty bad, if you really want to throw some hate mail at someone, go to the overall score leaderboard and look at #1's profile, he explains you can message him and pay him for hacks.  I mean c'mon, if someone can hack the leaderboard and blatantly brag about it and still that account exists??  There inlies the problem right there.  I've reported the guy and others like him repeatedly.

                    I've spent quite a few hours on watching youtube vids of hackers and how they play, by doing that it allowed me to realize a few things.


                    1. 99% of the hackers/modders/switchers(lag) out there are so terrible at the game it is sad, even with all their extras they never get more than a few kills at a time before being stomped on.

                    2.  The other 1% are actually good players and have mastered their switches and hacks to where you will never know they have them.


                    My preventive measures and what I look for.


                    1.  Running the fastest internet i can afford (currently 50 meg FTW!!!!), run a cat5 ethernet directly from the modem to my xbox, no router, play my games off of the hard drive, no my xbox isnt jtagged, i still have to put my disc in.  That usually 90% of the time ensures I have a rock starr connection to the game.  Thus making it easier to notice lag spikes from someone switching and also being able to see how fast and enemy player turns and whether or not they are dead on every time running a stupid high sensitivity.

                    2.  First I check the lobby board and look at the stats, I'm ranked semi high in Hardcore TDM, so I look for someone ranked higher than myself and with a 2.5+ kdr.  If someone in the lobby matches up to those criteria I then go to my barracks leader-boards.  The first thing I go to is accuracy, but there are a few factors to consider before saying someone is aimbotting by their accuracy.  One being their time played, obviously more time = lower accuracy, also their favorite weapon plays a major factor.  I'm a pretty good player, I keep around 11-12% accuracy with my smg's and lmg's, 15-17% with assault rifles, and 35% with my marksman.  Note: in a core lobby accuracies tend to be higher.  Now, in a hardcore lobby, if someone has a pretty good kdr, has an assault for a favorite weapon, around 8 days or more playing time, their overall accuracy should be between 14-18%.  Any higher than 18% I would be suspicious of them.


                    It really hasn't been the hackers who have ruined some of my games, it's the switchers.  They made it to where the old school lag switches wouldn't really work with Ghosts, THANK YOU!!!  Which meant the switchers had to spend even more money for a new switch, HAHA SUCKERS!!!!!  The only abnormallity that has pissed me off is how some players have DeadSilencePro - basically even with amplify and dead silence myself in conjunction with my beaches, I never heard a sound until they were right up on and had already shot, but then I die and their footsteps all of a sudden echo like crazy as if delayed.  I've had a few encounters with what seemed to be wall-hackers, crouch walking around a corner/doorway and already ads(aim down sight) right on me. That has been pretty rare for me though.

                    The most common to me is lag switchers and aim bots, switchers more so than any.  I've only encountered two players I was 100% sure they had an aimbot since this games release.  Most of the time with switches, especially if they have host, they switch themselves right out of the game due to the parameters set in how long your connection ban be broken from the match and how consistently it happens the game disconnects them usually if they are too heavy on it.


                    Im currently trying to source a used caption device like an elgato or the pvr2 to record my matches.

                    A. I've been pulling off some crazy stuff lately I would like to watch again and possibly post to youtube.

                    B. Also to have video proof of people I suspect of hacking to add to my reports I file to the admin ban team at microsoft.


                    There are ways to spot the cheats, but first understand how their cheats work and what to watch for, that will help you in making sure your inclination whether or not they are cheating can have valid concurrent information with it.

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                        Congrats on spotting the cheaters and reporting them but this post isn't about that. Read more than the title. It's about not enabling the cheaters.


                        You're like a drug dealer who calls the police on those who buy from him. As long as you give the cheaters what they want, they will continue to do what they want. You're recording the cheaters and making them famous. You are sitting in the room, recording, giving them the kills and gameplay that they want. Are you even bothering to tell your teammates that you suspect a cheater is in the room? Are you explaining to those players who don't come to the board how to spot cheaters? Stop giving them what they want and take it away. They are ruining your fun, you need to ruin theirs too.

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                            What do I do to prevent??  Seriously, everyone on my friends list is made aware of what I think are things to look for, and some have given me advice as well.

                            But my main prevention of cheaters -  Beating them so bad in a match they turn their xbox off and wonder how that just happened even though they had their cheats.  That's how I prevent it and take action.


                            What do you do??? troll.  wow, way to go.  I had someone try to troll me by shooting up in the air and giving away where I was once because i whooped them the previous match, it was hard for him to keep up when i took off with marathon and my vepr, left him standing there with the maverick sniper rifle holding his D in his hands like WTf?? Then I just used him as a decoy and killed everyone who tried to run in for an easy kill on him, he himself left before the halfway point. So trolling someone doesn't mean you are going to ruin their game play.  My way on the other hand, makes them doubt their cheats, and rethink whether or not they should ever play the game again.

                            My way seems to be the more effective one.

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                          Don't want to piss on ya fireworks dude but me an ME mates on previous CODS called out hackers and I've done it by myself however all they do eventually is piss off to another lobby and annoy them. Now let's say there's 150000 players on that's 12500 games (full house on TDM)  meaning I reckon you'd need about 5 - 6000 ppl to be effective. If you could get a more  coordinated effort I guess you'd only need maybe 100? I don't know just thinking aloud. Will keep an eye on this post see what the community think. Good luck all the same.

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                              LOL man, that was a nasty little golden shower you gave my fireworks. I understand the numbers will be low and most likely won't even make a mark. Funny thing is, the number of actual hackers in the game is low too as they have to have a certain PS3 and Firmware. The reason the numbers are so high is because they did the hack for the players and it transfers with the name. Word of mouth is strong, which grew the number of modders, and if there is a sudden upsurge of players like me who are tired of it, our numbers can outnumber those who are modded. I don't have high hopes though, especially with this community, with players who prefer to complain rather than adapt but I have a dream. I just can't sit back and accept that this is how it will be.

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                                  Problem Solved - bought an El Gato HD game capture, broadcast on twitch.tv - says so in my gamer profile on live haha - i see something funny more than two or three times, i let them though.  Caught some random boosting, sent him a message and the other team/clan a message they were busted. 

                                  First time I've called someone out and they NEVER replied. 

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                                I am not a huge complainer either, but the hacking in Ghosts on PS3 is totally out of control. I understand that us gamers are not making it better by playing with them and not reporting them, I understand that. But I want to use my time to enjoy the game, not be some sort of COD vigilantly nor should I or anyone of us have to be. We all spent our hard earned money on this game and to be honest if it wasn't for the COD franchise, I probably wouldn't even have a gaming system. I have bought all the CODs since PS2 and I think its complete bull crap that Activision or Infinity Ward doesn't do something about this. The only reason I can possibly think of as to why they haven't done anything as of yet is because they are probably in cahoots with Sony and Microsoft to get everyone on PS4 and Xbox 1. As a loyal customer, I have considered boycotting these games all together and trying a new franchise. The only true way to stop this is to boycott the game and that will not happen.

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                                  If your going to troll the modded console users record yourself doing it and upload it to youtube.

                                  I love watching people piss them off bad enough to make them rage quit.

                                  Give them hell and troll hard.

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                                    everytime ive called them out they either just leave the lobby or do rubbish in the
                                    next game because they are scared to use the cheat or mod as they stand out way too much ie maniac  with 5 kills 15 death with no care package called in......................

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                                      I just play with a good group of 6 and sweep them and then talk smack after the game calling them out of how sorry they are even with the mods. This usually does it for me and my friends. If you notice all the modders are usually really bad at the game so they have to cheat to be competative. Good ol'e fashion teamwork and communication does the trick everytime.

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                                        Here you go guys, busted a lag switcher on x360 the other day,you'll see.



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                                          Not seen ya on for a while beast but since this thread was first posted I think things have improved. No more PRESTIGE hacks, not come across super jump/extended flight and generally seems to be improving. The only hack that I do come across is aimbot.  I know some vehemently argue it don't exist but I can assure you it does.


                                          Did you get much feedback? Been in a lot of US lobbies since I changed clans can't say there's much difference cept more ppl speak English .

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                                            I throw my controller to the floor  curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb.


                                            After a few minutes I will roll my poo into little balls and throw them at the television.