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    Officially hate the dog...


      Well i was playing tdm having fun with the tac knife on the pistol.  Went to the body shop and knife 3people.  Then the 4th guy had no idea i was there.  Gonna get him then the dog got me.  Good time getting the 3 mad because operation wasn't unlocked.  I run turtle beach px22s and amplify perk and still cannot hear the dog till your already dead.  Really wished blind eye or something made you imune to it.  Oh well wished there was theater cause they were ticked @ me knifing there butts.  Had 16 tac knifes and 5 gun kills however died 13 times. 

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          I hate the dog as well. I hate it when other players get it but especially hate it when I get it. My dog apparently is just way too lazy to do anything really. Every once in awhile he'll growl letting me know that someone is coming from somewhere but, most times, he'll just follow me around, watch me die and then run back to wherever I spawn. Yeah, he'll "avenge" my death every once in awhile but, most times, he doesn't do anything. Guess my dog must've been neutered or something. Not very aggressive. I use IMS's now instead.

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            The Dog is evil. He's got this spidey sense ad always seems to be perfectly positioned to get you. Can't tell you how many times I see a guy running out of the building and perfectly paced behind him is a dog so as soon as I drop him and turn my back the dog runs out and takes me down. He also stick close to the walls so he's always just out of sight. Damn thing is a menace.

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              The dog is the weapon of campers. The only problem  I have w the dog, is the fact that he's a deathstreak. That's the only aspect of the dog I would change. If I walk into a room and I get killed by the dog, there isn't much I can do, but when I kill some fagat camping on top of Gina's and a few seconds later I get killed from behind because the dog ran across the map to kill me. That upsets me.

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                They should indeed make the dog more audible, especially when you have awareness on. its leap range should be decreased for frontal attacks so it becomes less hard to shotgun one down. and they shouldn't feel like they are made out of fcking metal. they should recieve less damage from automatic weapon, but more from explosives and heavy guns. i mean, what dog can you shoot in the gut and have him ROLL OVER. its like i am firing with dog wistles instead of heavy .338 bullets. that said, the dog needs a slightly faster movement speed. they should also tend to "patrol" more when the player remains at one spot, so the dog goes out of camper zones a bit, making it less impossible to kill. and ofc, the dog should EVER spawn on top of a enemy. it happens. you try to run up to someone, or just jump in a group and start killing em, and that one guy that is oblivous to the situation, happens to have a gd killstreak, and spawns the dog RIGHT ON TOP OF YOU. instant kill.


                but to the op, dont get pissed that doge kills you when you start knifing. ITS A SHOOTER GOD DAMNIT

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                  I must be the only person who don't mind Riley. Granted its a pain when you shoot someone and 20 seconds later you get minced but he's saved me a fair few times alerting or attacking someone I'd missed.

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                    Wear a ballistics vest, it'll takes the dog 3 bits to kill you.

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                      With all that said, the dog is freaking annoying, everytime I enter a room, there is a damn dog in a corner you cant see, jumps you and kills you, or if you need again half a magazine to kill an opponent, if your aim is off or you are a bit psyched because you are already hurt, a damn dog comes and kills you from nowhere, you can sometimes empty a whole magazine without having the dog die, or the enemy knows exactly where you are and spawns the dog right in front of your face when you come around the corner


                      Now, if i get a dog, 9 out of 10 times, I hear "Your dog was shot" before I even got one kill with the dog. Or the dog moves around and stands right in front of my sides.


                      I know im complaining a bit but I somehow have a feeling that my dogs are 10 times weaker than my enemies

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                        Ha ha ha ha omg I hunt those son of a guns... Really HATE that damn dog.. seriously think that I get the reject dogs that do nothing but get killed or kill me but never get the dog that my enemies get ... you know, the one that ALWAYS hears or sees you and kills you before you get to shoot...lol


                        DAMN DOG!

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                          My dog just growls most of the time but sometimes it actually does what it is suppose too

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                            Those dogs close distance so fast.  There's no hope if one catches you alone in a room.

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                              Maybe I'm one of the lucky few that really hasn't had an issue with the dog. I use it the way it was intended to be used in the game and it does its job. Sometimes it gets killed right away and sometimes it gets a few players before being taken out. I get owned a lot and sometimes it gets the player that got me but sometimes it doesn't. Now granted it SHOULD have a patrolling feature if the player stops moving for a set amount of time but other than that I like the dog