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    How can I rank up faster?

      Right, basically i have found an app that has calculated the time it will take for me to prestige master is 3.6 months which is OK in my opinion but i want to rank up quicker, at the moment I am nearly prestige 4, probably prestige for by the time somebody replies. I enjoy playing kill confirmed and sometimes only sometimes do I play domination, I don't usually play domination unless a friend invites me to his party and that is what they play. I understand that Domination is a great game mode to play to rank up quickly but I want a game mode that I can rank up quickly but I enjoy playing, havent really played any other game modes Id say the ones I have mostly played is TDM, kill confirmed, S&D and Domination and thats really it i would love to know what is a great game mode that is fun to play and ranks you up faster. I do get some kills but i also die often when i play Domination i try my best to capture the flags so I try and win through objectives. But like I said I die I get kills so S&D isnt a great game mode for me so please help ! Thanks

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