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    Team Novus Recruiting! [360]


      Hey everyone!



      Team Novus is recruiting for all platforms. Whether you're a competitive player or just play for fun, we have a place for you! If you're a Twitch TV streamer, we can gladly add your stream onto the list of streams on our website's homepage.


      We are just starting, so we are looking for new members. We have web hosting taken care of and all other funded things, so no need to shovel out any of your money unless you want to donate later on.


      We are looking for people to start a PS3/PS4 side of Team Novus. If you're interested in being a leader, let us know!


      We are looking for the following types of people:


      • YouTubers
      • Twitch Streamers
      • GB Grinders
      • Pubstompers
      • eSnipers
      • Editors
      • Web Design Artists
      • People who won't fit in anywhere else


      If you find that you are one of the above people and would like to join, just reply below or send noV Solaris a message on Xbox LIVE! Thanks!


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