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    A message to people who thinks that Origins sucks

      Just because you are bad at a hard map does not mean it is bad if you don't like it do not bi***, just go back to Buried and get your round 124s, and also who cares if greif is in the map or not there are 4 greif maps already and personally im happy there is no greif, it made them work harder to bring back the black ops 1 type zombies (harder) with the twist of building things and alot of other new additions that i have fallen in love with

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          this is how every map in black ops 2 should have been.

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              Sorry but if your a high round player it's an extremely disappointing map. It's just like  COTD... shitty wonder weapons, and having to recycle the Ray Gun to get far. This is more of a "survival" map like Town, Farm, etc with a few bells and whistles where the only effective weapon to kill is the Ray Gun. I don't want to recycle the damn thing over and over again.


              This map blows for the high round player, unless there is some way to make an ultimate staff when you have all four. Your probably not going to see 100+ unless players find a way to combine all staff's, this will probably peak out at 80 rounds or so using the MK2 Ray Gun. Sorry but what a disappointment.


              I don't like because it's "hard", I just don't want it to become a tedious game, and thats what it really is.

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              Are we really complaining about it being a "Survival" map? Wasn't Zombies meant to be about "Surivial?"

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                Ray Gun is Overrated. I can do just as good with a wall gun than I can with the ray gun. and most of the time. If I do get the ray gun im looking to spam the heck out of it and that's it. once the ammo is gone it's gone.

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                  I do not agree with you on that sorry. I really am.

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                    okay this forum exploded since i have been gone stop ******** about the map if you don't like it don't play it it is as simple as that like i said if you wanna go past 100 then play the older maps this map was more story based because that is what a majority wanted

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                      If you think wall guns are ****, then more likely it's you that's ****.  I hit 75 on town, 79 on Nuketown, and 61 on Farm.  Never once did I pick up the ray gun.  Wall guns are the way to go.  The developers that made this map are the same team that made the WaW maps, also known as the best maps.  This map is run by wall guns.  Seeing as I got to 103 on Der Riese and never even hit the box on BO1, and 67 on Die Rise, also never hitting the box, you're retarded.  Wall guns are the only sure fire way to survive.  Also, Ever upgraded a staff?  Play it right and you can get 50+ kills with the upgraded wind staff, and if you get the golden helmet, you can just train and use the robot to kill all your zombies. 

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                        I'm gonna be honest here, I can agree with you on the terms that the map isn't as easy as buried, it must have been harder to make and the twists are pretty sweet but the map was overhyped, it wasn't to what I expected, don't get me wrong the layout was pretty cool and the panzer soldat was a nice touch. The scenery in Agartha and the teleporters were smart but there were certain parts OVER worked and others NEEDED and extra look at.


                        The Pack-a-punch camo is smart and the box and 'wunderfizz' was a nice touch but the fact that there were not one but THREE robots just shocked me, it was a nice thought but like I said, OVER worked. If there were to be one then it could patrol parts of the map standing and picking up zombies and even people before crushing them (downing the player(s)) before dropping the bodies with this you could do something to the ground that the robot stands on which then reveals the part after lifting the foot. The thing that really lets me down is the 'songs of the ancients' explain how they had records and gramophones. I also would have thought something else could have been added instead of songs it could've been runes or even crystals or something with a more ancient feel but SONGS!


                        The size of the map is fairly big but when I heard it was the biggest! I expected well... Bigger than this, there could've been more trenches a bigger no mans land, more of a battle ground but I'll still give them props cause it still is big. The perk-a-cola and wunderfizz was an excellent idea, I only wish there had been a few more perks added, maybe secret ones or ones dug up in zombie blood.


                        The Easter egg was long but not a good climax, more could've been added (I don't just mean the ending cutscenes but something more) and its unbeknown to me how robots that were made 100s of years later with the only thing in common is the 115 affect said staffs and the entrance to Agartha and the Easter egg, these said robots weren't around for the ancients.


                        but apart from this, there are many more ups and downs about the map, the base 3 and 4 numbers would've been a great puzzle except it was leaked after a day how to translate them on the wiki, some puzzle. the weather changes, he 4 player not -too- OP wunder weapons (staffs) are excellent, you build them and you choose what kind and to upgrade them with the Souls, -leaked- puzzles and activate different things around said map is the best idea for the last DLC for black ops 2 -as well as the all perks-.


                        the fact that it IS harder is a great improvement, I wouldn't want it to be as easy as buried but I'm not saying buried is all that bad. The paralyzer may be powerful but if you introduced it into origins I doubt people would last very long without said staffs.


                        Once you know your way around its pretty easy so to be honest, there is a mix between whether its good or not so you can understand the people who hate it's side and the people who don't's side.

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                          DeathBringer-Zen isn't terrible at Zombies and he thinks the map's terrible.

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                            This map is not hard, it is god damn annoying with too many repetitive tasks and ridiculous glitches.


                            WaW and BO = team strategy

                            BO2 = Camping strategy


                            Look at how many players are in public lobbies then tell how grate YOU think this map is.

                            As most players have posted "this map blows", so is the rest of BO2.

                            stop ******** about the map if you don't like it don't play it

                            They all did do just that.

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                              Sorry but I don't like maps where it takes 13748500670865784 years to set up.

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                                Honestly, Origins is not that hard. Once you get to No Man's Land..its pretty much a wrap. I think most people feel the need to complain about a map or complain as too how easy it is for them. Thinking that if they can convince you that they can make it to very high rounds they are some kinda Zombie playing Pro. In reality..getting to round 2,000 or whatever doesn't really matter. You don't get any Trophies or whatever. Up untill Black Ops 2 no one could really prove if they really got to those high levels. With all the cheaters & glitchers out there. Not even having Shotties proves nothing at all. I myself am a 30 +er. The leaderboards can prove that. Not that impressive, but at least its more believeable then saying a map sucks and you are way too good for it. Most , well damn near All Easter Eggs can be done before round 15, so just staying alive till the 100's

                                only really says that you have WAYY TOO much time on your hands. Any real Zombie player knows that to make it to round 100, can and will take a few hours. Every map has something to offer. Personally, I think Origins is fun. Everyone is entitled to their own I know. My only arguement is. Make an Honest one, Don't boast about how your a Videogame Wizard. Honestly, 75% don't believe you, 24 % Don't care at all, which only leaves you 1 % of this community to impress. Is it really worth it ??

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                                  As one of the FEW people I know who has beat origins SOLO this map is ******* ridiculous! I think the reason people don't like the map is because there are SO many goddamn stupid freaking objectives to do in order to get the EE that... really... after you have done it... WTF is the point of playing it again.


                                  And the ending... what is this a spin-off of TOY STORY??? GIMMIE a EFFING BREAK! I just wasted 3 hours of my life I'll never get back!!!


                                  Thanks again TRYarch. but you fail!

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                                    All you RayGun users are trash just so you all know.  Your inability to shoot and aim for the head is why you go for the ray gun.  Good thing you can at least hit the ground in front of the zombies


                                    The survival maps are challenging for higher rounds, RayGuns help but the wall guns with ammo refill you can rely on.


                                    The story modes almost make it too easy to be honest.  You can kill more zombies with stamina up than any gun.  Once a zombie has damage on it, it will no longer respawn

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                                      I don't like origins, because it's to dark.

                                      I may sound like a *****, but i think, if the map had more colour, i would love to play it.

                                      But now it's so sad like they don't have fun,

                                      The Perks, give a little bit of colour on the map.

                                      The wonder Weapons, Pfoooh, if you don't shoot at a zombie, they will freeze a little bit, with the ice staff, but can walk.

                                      Even upgraded i think they sucks.

                                      I like the weapon it self, but not the damage.

                                      The mauser Pack-A-Punch'd is better i think.

                                      The map is great of size, i like the idea, i like the small ways.

                                      But to build such Bad wonder Weapons, i rather play Call of Duty: Black Ops Der Riese or even Moon.