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    Help with older COD title

      I need help with an older COD title but since Activision drops support for their games as fast as they make them, i have no choice but to post a thread here.


      my issue is real simple. When i launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare the game gives me an option of either "Yes" or "No" without saying what what exactly either of the two options do. If i click "Yes" the game gives me an unrecoverable error and tells me to exit to XMB.


      I don't want any of the "I'm sorry" or "we'll look into it", I want to know how i can fix this and PLAY THE GAME I BOUGHT WITH MY OWN DAMN MONEY!

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          Are you sure you did not get a pirated copy of the game? Did you buy it new? Who was the retailer from which you got the game? Are you using the right copy of the game for the right geo location?


          Those are questions that will need to be answered.

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              None of that has ANYTHING to do with my issue.

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                  Hi there,


                  Thanks so much for posting. 


                  Can you please try the following and let us know the results:


                  • If you are using a wired connection, disconnect your PlayStation 3 from the router. If you are on a wireless connection, delete any wireless connection profiles from your PlayStation 3.
                  • Shut down your PlayStation 3.
                  • Perform a reset of your router. Check with your router manual or router manufacturer for help performing a reset of your router.
                  • Once the reset is complete, turn on your PlayStation 3 and go to Network Settings.
                  • Go through the network configuration to reconnect your PlayStation 3 to your router.
                  • Once you have completed the network configuration, launch the game and select Multiplayer.
                  • Once you are at the multiplayer menu, sign in to your Sony Entertainment Network account.
                  • Join a multiplayer game session, quit the session, then launch the game again and check for the message.


                  Regards ^AH

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                And if all that doesn't work, maybe you have a bad disk?