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    Black Ops II Pc fps drop combined with sound stuttering?



      I have been playing black ops II on the pc for a while now, but recently, I've been running into trouble. Whenever I start playing, the game runs smooth at 90-120 fps, but after a while, fps suddently drops to 50-70, and I experience heavy sound stuttering, like crackling noises and .


      I game on a laptop which never had a problem running black ops II. I've read other threads about this issue but I can't find a solution, since most of them have trouble with the RealTek audio card on their motherboard, but Im pretty sure I don't have RealTek audio card. So I do not know what to do about it and the game is unplayable for me right now. Any tips/fixes?


      PC specs:


      Intel Core I7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40 GHz

      8 GB DDR3 RAM

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765m

      Windows 7 Home Premium

      VIA HD audio


      Any further information can be supplied, since I don't really know what I have to post.


      Thanks in advance



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