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    ~Looking for an Expert Band, GHWOR (Wii)~

      I am an expert bassist, and I can do expert vocals if I need to. Anybody want to be guitarist, drummer, or lead vocalist? If there's a lot of replies, there can be more than one player for each instrument, since it's impossible for everyone to be online 24/7.

      My screenname is dooght, but it may show up as KlertJK or something like that. My friend code is 1915-8586-5897-0246

      My Skype is also dooght, which may show up as Kevin K. (no that's not my real name it's my dad's lol), and my Gmail is unofficalwarriorfanclub@gmail.com

      If you ask to be in please have Skype or Google Hangouts, preferably hangouts.