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    Looking to start/join clan

      Looking to start up (small clan) or join a clan for upcoming clan wars....I single handily won our last diamond war division with 5 of us, and got sick of it and left...I'm good for about 30-40 wins a day, and I work graveyard shift...so when i'm not working i'm codding at night....send me a message or friend me at Beeris2good

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          Re: Looking to start/join clan

          hey there im in a small clan you would love to have you aboard I play pretty frequent myself but that's only if you on xbox my xbl name is xBzerky and our clan is called IcarusGuns

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            Re: Looking to start/join clan

            I just started a clan and need someone good to bring in better players so you will have a huge say in yes and no. I work the graveyard shift to. im playing when im not sleep look us up there are only 2 of us at the moment but were working on it SoOthersMayDream or my gt is- ohwhys0serious

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              Re: Looking to start/join clan

              sorry should have stated before that i'm a ps4 player

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                Re: Looking to start/join clan

                I was in the same situation started my clan 2 weeks ago 10 members clan kd 2.0

                Look on the ghost app an apply psn MiSDEMEANoR__

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                  Re: Looking to start/join clan

                  xIMMORTAL_GOON_GAMINGx and GOONxOFxANARCHY is looking for loyal and active members to join our

                  family/clan. PS3 & PS4 players only. We are a "DRAMA FREE" clan. So if your bout keeping up crap, dont even apply.


                  We are looking for active new members for our casual clan. We are in the rebuilding stage. We need players who play all different game modes. UK players are welcome.

                  So IGNx is doing clan wars anymore. Will b level up from daily play.

                  For more competitive players we just started a competitive clan called GOONxOFxANARCHY. GOA will only have 6 to 12 members only!

                  IGNx LEADER:REB1RTH_OF_GOON1
                  GOA LEADER: GOONFRMDADE71

                  IGNx: GOLD CLAN TAGS, LEVEL 21
                  GOA: LEVEL 5

                  Apply at: xIMMORTALGOONx on GHOST app
                  Apply at: GOONxOFxANARCHY on GHOST app

                  When you get accepted you will first need to register on our Facebook page:xIMMRTL_GOON_GAMINGx (Clan only group page)
                  Sign up for clan website at: http://trugoonsforlife.enjin.com

                  IGNx REQUIREMENTS:
                  Must be over 18.
                  Being active is a must if you want to stay a member.
                  Having a mic is good. Cus we do callouts. But its not going to keep you frm getting in.
                  Doing CLAN WARS is not a big deal for now. We things change, then you must b active in them.
                  Responding to game invites and friend requests from other members in a must.
                  You must sign-up for clan website or facebook page. Posting is a must. Getting to know fellow members is what makes a clan a tighter unit.
                  Have a .95 K/D minimum (I may think about give u a try if your K/D isnt under a .75
                  Our main rule is RESPECT all members, and be LOYAL to the clan.

                  GOA REQUIREMENTS:
                  Must be over age 18
                  Tryout only!
                  Have to be one everyday at least 2 hrs.
                  A mic is a must.
                  K/D over and 1.30 and at least a 50% W/L
                  Know callouts or willing to learn them
                  Have to be active in all clan wars

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                    Re: Looking to start/join clan

                    Check us out, were called L3ss 7han Ordinary [LTO].


                    LTO Gaming: Join our Ghosts Clan (xbox360) - YouTube

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                      Re: Looking to start/join clan

                      Sent you a clan invite [B40]

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                        Re: Looking to start/join clan

                        Hello Fellow Gamer.


                        This is a message to invite to you to DefCon Gaming, Recently re-established we offer not only a high level aspect of social gaming but also the avenues to explore competitive gaming, we have a strong and structured system in place we may seem different to that of other clans and communities. Throughout the week we host numerous game nights and tournaments such as COD Gamenights ( MW3, BO2 and Ghosts) we also have a large array of members who play Minecraft and sports series such as NHL, NBA and Fifa.


                        This is not only a great community to join but also a great time to join, as we have future leadership spots opening soon in order to meet the demands of future games whether that will be on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, PS3 or PS4.


                        We also aim to improve your gaming enjoyment online, i can speak for myself in that i prefer to play as part of a team in public lobbies rather then playing solo and due to this social aspect rather than competitive aspect we are looking for people from all over the globe and we do not accept players depending on their level of gaming. If you are interested in joining then feel free to visit the site here: http://defcon-gaming.com/forum.php If you then wish to join DC then apply to join, to do this simply click on the Join DC button at the top right hand side of the forum.


                        We also use skype to chat within the community and if you have any questions regarding the community then contact myself: Mikestrike03 and i'll answer a much as i possibly can. I hope to see some of you soon in game nights or competitions and feel free to say hello when you do sign up and i'll do my best to get you started within DefCon Gaming.


                        Quick Point-List (What We Offer)


                        1. Game Nights (Multiple Games)

                        2. Social and Competitive aspects

                        3. Highly Experienced leaders online and offline

                        4. Training

                        5. Media

                        6. Events

                        7. Chilled Environment

                        8. Gamer's from all over the globe

                        9. Competitions

                        10. Too much to list!


                        How To Join:


                        1. Visit DefCon Gaming Here: http://defcon-gaming.com/forum.php

                        2. Sign up by starting an application by pressing the "Join DC" button at the top right of the forum.

                        3. Use this code in the Referral part of the application: http://defcon-gaming.com/forum.php?referrerid=3446

                        4. Get into contact with Mikestrike03 through Skype, or through the messaging system on the DC Forum.


                        Thanks for reading!


                        Mikestrike03 ~ DC Gaming

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