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        50. Re: Ghosts connection is worse than Black OPS II

        Tell me about it.....................Myself and a random player unloaded at point blank all our bullits into each other, not so much as a hit marker..............then tried knifing and nothing happenedin the end we both movedout of the room after 5 minutes of absolutly nothing happening......cant wait for Treyarch and the next game................

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          51. Re: Ghosts connection is worse than Black OPS II

          I'd just like to post an update since i now have my new ISP connected and running.


          Well, the connection is fantastic, however, this has made things WORSE !!
          I am now dieing even faster than before !! Im talking about being 1 shot in the toe by a 5 yr old with a Honey Badger. I am talking about guys aiming to the left and right of me and dropping me faster than i can blink, while my machine like accurate twitch aim (lol) is not even registering.
          If you don't believe me, for the past week i have had an overlap between the two ISPs and have been able to test both connections back and forth at different times of the day. The original connection is actually starting to play better since it has been getting even worse technically and noticeable while browsing. Then switching to the new ISP FTTC and im dropping rapido. Under closer scrutiny im back to the same problem of just appearing at players not firing, but worse.


          I have tried throttling my connection but so far its no help. I can kiss my 4. kdr and 3.3 w/l goodbye. I am dead meat.


          Oh just in case it might help somebody, my original broadband was Virgin and my new FTTC is Plusnet.


          If theres any change i will update. Thanks.

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            52. Re: Ghosts connection is worse than Black OPS II

            Look for a FIOS ISP in your area. Also try using an ethernet cable instead of wireless. Hope it gets better.

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              53. Re: Ghosts connection is worse than Black OPS II

              Still love how people are fighting what game lagged more. News flash people will connect differently to both. I've always had more problems with lag throught IW then 3arch

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                54. Re: Ghosts connection is worse than Black OPS II

                I think FIOS is FTTP which has only started pilot testing in some areas of the UK. The FTTC im using now has the least packet loss and jitter in the UK (as far as the ISPs equipment) its a really nice connection. Previously i was using Virgin broadband which uses a hybrid fibre optic cable and the Eurodocsis which begins to strain with high usage since its shared. I was getting lots of packet loss.
                Honestly from what i've experienced here i wouldn't want to upgrade to FTTP.. i want to downgrade ! lol


                I definitely use a cat6 shielded cable and i've experimented with a zillion different tweaks and configs. Its has only ever shown a minor difference which is short lived.
                My last hope is going back to experimenting with a WAN emulator and see if i can find the right mix of latency, jitter and packet loss on my line to give me a fair game.


                Playing last night was just impossible. I was being stomped by anyone and everyone. One dude was just so immune to my bullets i had to ask him his ISP.. it was Virgin lol.


                I appreciate the help though Schlokey. Thanks !

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                  55. Re: Ghosts connection is worse than Black OPS II

                  NP mate. How old is your Modem? Modem's start to go bad after two years of heavy use and some dont. If your cable on a splitter? Are there other people using your internet when gaming?

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                    56. Re: Ghosts connection is worse than Black OPS II

                    I have just been supplied the modem by Plusnet, the cable wasn't on a splitter and its rare if somebody else is using the net when im online.

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                      57. Re: Ghosts connection is worse than Black OPS II

                      Here's the problem with your thinking. You can do whatever you want to your connection and it won't be what you're looking for. Because you can't control who connects in your lobby.


                      I'd suggest stop thinking there is some magic config that will make you do better. Secondly if you have the kind of stats that you claim, you aren't having as big of a problem as you make it out to be.

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                        58. Re: Ghosts connection is worse than Black OPS II

                        I disagree. Connection is based of a ton of variables. Equipment, ISP, Usage, Location. Within each one of these are branches of which issues can happen.


                        The way IW has servers is regional. They are Hybrid servers in which you connect to a CoD Dedicated server or a Listen server (Hosted). It all depends on whats the best connection for you. Sometimes if you connect to a Listen server it may be a bad connection but for the most part its dedicated servers.


                        The Ghosts servers are the best servers to date for CoD. They are all stable and run smooth. Therefore you have to look at all other issues. It could be anything from how far away your wireless modem is to packet loss, to trace routing, to equipment failure, to ISP issue, etc. I have seen everything from lose cables to whole terminal nodes being bad. If it runs good sometimes and not other it could also be your NAT going from OPEN to MODERATE to STRICT. That would cause the issues too. Because if you are on moderate or strict then your modem is not giving priority connection to your ps3 and it will effect game play.


                        That is why you always check everything because the smallest thing can cause a big issue when it comes to connection.

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                          59. Re: Ghosts connection is worse than Black OPS II

                          Did you read the part where i had two ISPs for a week and was able to compare the two ? My newer ISP has less packet loss, less jitter than my previous ISP (as far as its own network), they even prioritise individual games such as COD and now i appear to die even faster. I tested both all hours of the day and frustratingly my previous ISP provided a more sane experience.

                            Using Pingplotter to addresses logged in my router showed packetloss in the Virgin network and when it joined other networks. Now testing my new ISP i can see no packet loss and zero jitter along its network. In fact tests to most IPs of in game hosts varying from Sky to BT to even FIOS in U.S showed little packet loss.
                          What might be worth of note is consistent packetloss to an address that claimed to belong to Xbox Live or similar.

                            Im well aware of the placebo effect, i make sure my aim and reflex is on point just because of it. But how can a difference be more ovious than being able to compare two ISPs and get a different experience. Granted it may be related to routing, but this experience has demonstrated to me there is a difference.
                          If as you mention it is all to do with who we connect to, how do you explain those who don't experience problems or only once in a while ? What about those players with an almost 'godmode' connection, i know they exist since i added a few to my friends list lol..


                          The reason i've managed to achieve a 4.1 kdr RnG is because i've noticed that in the past if the connection was poor i naturally avoided head on gunfights and had to outninja everybody, which after a while begins to feel more like hard work than enjoyment at which point its not worth playing.
                          Right now it is so difficult to play, whether the player has 0.2 kdr or 6. makes no difference, im almost ready to just give up.
                          When i think about it, how can we be here in 2014 and still nobody out of all these gaming and internet companies can provide some real insight into what the hell is going on. The warmest clue we've had is lag compensation, it seems.

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