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        60. Re: PATCH'N'PRIDE

        My work PC is not allowing me to edit my original post - but for those interested the class I am trying to complete the challenge with, is as follows:


        SC2010 (low-ish damage, and most accurate AR)

        - Suppressor (lower effective damage range)

        - Red-Dot Sight (Just to use the attachment; I normally run extended mags, but the less bullets the better for this challenge)



        - Concussion (In an attempt to hamper/slow the Jugg down)



        - Sleight of Hand (reload quickly if any bullet is a stray i.e fails the challenge)

        - Extra Tactical (to give me 2 Concussions)

        - Stalker (This is something I use religiously, a "crutch" if you will, but whatever)

        - Amplify (pad my class out with a perk that is important to my general non-Jugg challenge gameplay)

        - Focus (like Stalker, this is a mandatory perk for me).


        I run Support obviously, which comprises of:


        - Ballistic Vests (Extra health is always good when facing a Jugg)

        - Ammo Crate (Helps with Ammo as I'm not using Scavenger or Fully Loaded)

        - Recon Juggernaut (Obviously to give it away for the purposes of the challenge)


        I think I might have to take Stalker off and use Off the Grid as I just remembered that the Recon Jugg emits a UAV-blip, so it knows when I have been in close proximity (FAIL!)


        I'll re-try again I guess.. I just find Off the Grid pointless, so forgot I needed it LOL.

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          61. Re: PATCH'N'PRIDE

          Just to bump an old thread rather than start a new one, I got the Surgical - I did it by pot-shotting at an AFK'er in FFA, I killed them twice first and when I found that person again, I thought this person is obviosuly AFK, just complete the challenge... so I, from a safe position, kept taking pot-shots allowing them to regenerate health - and slowly but steadily completed the challenge.


          Not the way I wanted to complete it, but it is completed nevertheless and is just reward for the amount of Assault juggernauts I have given away (and as a result died to grrrr...) in my attempts to earn the patch through firing an entire clip into a juggernaut.


          I have also learnt that, like in MW2, you can complete the challenges such as dictator etc. by taking down helo's and scorestreaks without missing.



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            62. Re: PATCH'N'PRIDE

            Easy way to get wargasm.


            Set ur kill streaks as hind 9 points needed, gryphon 10 points needed, and juggernaut 11 points needed. So that is 3 kills  within so manage 2 kills and allow the hind to pull one. So that is basically 2 kills and the hind one. In a few tries, u should get it

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              63. Re: PATCH'N'PRIDE

              I just got the assault juggernaut II patch (something about painless) last night. It took a lot of hours and luck, teammates and foes alike enjoy letting you die and taking it.  Slept well knowing I had it.  Also got the double hind, easy to get but worth it, since my last post I've gotten quite a few notable patches (air support II, destroy enemy air support III). 

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                64. Re: PATCH'N'PRIDE

                I Just got this pretty mad patch called Surgical it's where you have to empty a mag into your enemies without missing a bullet

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                  65. Re: PATCH'N'PRIDE

                  I have a similar one called Yee hah, its the same - empty a full mag of shotgun bullets into an enemy without missing.


                  Also proud of All Pro - double headshot kill with 1 bullet. I wont deny there was an element of luck involved here!!

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                    66. Re: PATCH'N'PRIDE

                    I've managed quite a few since TBH - infact, I think I have all the ones that I wanted. Anything else can come as it comes.


                    My favourite is still 'The Surgical' and I run it all the time. It looks the sickest and isn't easy to get either.


                    Other cool one's I have picked up.


                    - The Lone Aviator (Forgot the name - but it's where you take out a Hind with a Helo Pilot)

                    - ... The harder they fall (Kill top player 5x in a row)

                    - Bulls-Eye (4 Kills with a single Trinity)

                    - Gold Ol' Painless (225 Kills with Assault Jugg)


                    To add to:

                    - Clueless

                    - Wargasm

                    - Omnicide

                    - Crab Meat

                    - Cruelty

                    - Extreme Cruelty


                    I might start work on 'Overlord' (225 kills with the Loki) but it's such a sh1t kill-streak. My preferred load-out is: Trinity, Hind, Helo Pilot.

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                      67. Re: PATCH'N'PRIDE

                      i dont pay attention to patches, i get them as I get them


                      however I have over 100 KEM's ( not from care packages)

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                        68. Re: PATCH'N'PRIDE

                        If It Bleeds I Can Kill It: Killing a Maniac with a knife


                        Blademaster Gold: Completing knife challenges


                        Payback Gold: Getting set amount of revenges with head shots.


                        Cant remember the name, but the challenge where you have to finish in the top three so many times.

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                          69. Re: PATCH'N'PRIDE

                          Lone Aviator Patch: I had the operation unlocked for 2 months before I was able to get in a match were my Helo Pilot was up while an Enemy Battle Hind was called in so I could shoot it down...

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