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    Killstreaks ideas thread all suggestions welcome.

      This thread is about some ideas to change killstreaks in any way you guys see fit.

      I shall start us off with the assault juggernaut.


      It is a very good killstreak but many dislike it because there is no health regen and extremely high flinch when shot.


      My changes would be simple increase the killstreak requirement to 15 kills and the streak would be simply named the Bear juggernaut.


      The Bear would have 1500 Heath instead of 1000 HP and would have no health regen but way less flinch (so it has focus)and also has a mini gun but once you reach 750 HP you drop your gun and instead have two claws and you turn into a maniac with essentially two one hit kill melee attacks you can also roar and stun enemies only twice in Bear mode which stuns them within 10 meters like a flash grenade.


      This streak may seem Op but would be way better than the current juggernaut and could provide another option for a high tier streak.


      Please cast your opinion on my "Bear" idea and cast your own ideas.