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    Best Zombies Mode?

      okay. with BO2 we now have 3 ways to enjoy zombies (THREE DIFFERENT WAYS WHOLLY SH*T)

      so I wanna know what mode you guys find the most fun! ill describe them below----v


      Survival: the classic. the original way we slay the undead. not much can be said other than what it's called. Survive! that's pretty much it.


      Grief: pitting two teams of humans against each other while zombies attack! brilliant! I mean, why have twice as many humans team up and defend each other when you can screw them over but not actually attack them?!? and when things start to get hairy, some of those people just up and disappear! SO MUCH FUN TO BE HAD


      Turned: oh baby i get so TURNED on just thinking about this mode. not only is it only available on two freaking AMAZING maps. but its so jam packed full of fun that I can't sink my teeth into it enough! I mean, come on. why wouldn't you want to repeat the same thing over and over again with random people?!