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    Why Treyarch should bring back kino der toten in a 5th DLC.

      -Kino Der Toten is the most popular zombies map out of all the maps that 3arc has made.

      -Some of you may be thinking, "Well, why would we want the same old black ops 1 map, when I bought BO2 for a NEW EXPERIENCE?" My answer to that would be, "3arc brought back Nuketown and Firing Range, and they are probably the most popular maps on BO2, so why the heck not Kino Der Toten?

      -Kino is most everyone's, including mine, very FIRST zombies map, so Kino is special to us.

      -We have to wait until 2015 for BO3, so can we have a 5th DLC?

      -Buildables are a wildly popular addition to BO2, so it could also be in the BO2 version of Kino.

      -Kino has the best map format, layout, atmosphere, landscape, whatever you want to call it. I always liked that everyone kind of stuck together until the power turns on. And even then, people usually stick to the theatre, or close by in the lobby. And if someone got down, they were fairly easily accessible, unlike Die Rise, where it was basically impossible to revive someone unless they were on the same floor as you.

      -There would obviously be changes to Kino Der Toten. And some that I would like to see are:

         1) Obviously, new guns, Wonder-weapons.

         2) A new section added to the map, or some type of extension to the map. I would prefer for it to be outside.

         3) Double pack-a-punch to help with the higher rounds (40+).

         4) BUILDABLES and new Easter eggs/side quests

         5) New Boss round type thing (MAYBE!!!). I'm fine with the dogs, but maybe something new would be cool.



      In conclusion, a 5th DLC probably won't happen. I'm sure 3arc is done with BO2 and working completely on BO3 now. Every zombies map besides Kino Der Toten and maybe Mob of the Dead has failed to get me hooked on it. So Treyarch, hire a small team of game designers to work on a 5th DLC. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for a DLC with new Multiplayer maps! Solely a zombie DLC. Its not too late to come out with a new map. We have to wait until late 2015! It shouldn't cost much to produce a new Kino Der Toten, so why not? I think this could be a hit or miss type thing. So Treyarch, you could potentially make a lot of money from this, or not and you wouldn't lose much.