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    The PlayStation Network is part of the lag problem

      Now i have playing COD since MW2 and I have played them on all consoles, PS3, xbox360, Xboxone and PS4.


      Now the game has always run slightly better on the Xbox for me and we know it's always been a dodgy port over to the PlayStation for the last few titles. But I'm essentially a Sony player because that's what my friends and clan play on.


      What im getting at is I get far less lag on the Xbox. I do get laggy games but nowhere near as bad at as the PlayStation.  Now the main difference between the 2 seems to be matchmaking.  I can jump on the Xbox with a lot less players on and seem to play mainly British players.  I even get a few from my city as I see the postcode or the football team in the clan tag. Now on the ps3 I just get French Spanish and Germans mainly with a handful of brits every now and again. Now Im playing on Activision servers on both consoles so the matchmaking should be the same but it's not.


      This must have something to do with PlayStation Network which quite frankly is pretty awful and contributes towards the terrible lag and matchmaking in the last few call of dutys.