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    Latest patch messing the game even more

      Man this is just amazing, before the patch was released, there was NAT issues, they never fixxed that ****, i was able to fix it by setting my console location to the UK, now after latest patch, more gun cammos, not even connecting to uk servers will fix my moderate nat type, console nat type is always open, IW is the lousiest developer ever

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          Re: Latest patch messing the game even more

          You're contributing to the mess by changing your locale to the United Kingdom!! Do you think we want to be matxhed up with people half way round the world? NO! Do you? Doubtful.. Switch it back and put your xbox outside DMZ and voila.. OPEN NAT!! Stop ruining others games to try and fix your own!

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              Re: Latest patch messing the game even more

              Why dont you shut the hell up smart ass, i have said before that not even connecting the console directly to internet (NAT 1) will get my nat type back to open before the 2 latest patches i had no problem at all and i had an open nat type all the time, im no kid who has to share internet with his family or with a lot of devices. i have 100 megs down/10 up. so the problem is the shitty service, not my network.

              "Voila" my ass you nerd

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                  Re: Latest patch messing the game even more

                  #1. Your age and living arrangements mean nothing.


                  #2. Your download and upload speed means nothing.


                  #3. Connecting to UK servers wont be helping your connection.


                  #4. Have you actually tried just setting your xbox ip outside DMZ?


                  #5. I know the connection is terrible at the moment because it is for me too, however connecting to people in the UK when I'm guessing you're in the USA is gonna result in you having a bad time.. Along with me and all the other UK players in the lobby. It is NOT A FIX!


                  #6. Is moderate NAT really that bad?


                  And finally


                  #7. If you're going to tell me you aren't a kid I wouldn't follow with phrases like 'voila my ass you nerd'


                  Hope this helps

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                      Re: Latest patch messing the game even more

                      1. yes it does, if you are a kid who has to connect via wi fi, you should not be complaining about conectivity issues, so think a little bit

                      2. you are right, just to be clear

                      3. Im not in the US im in spain that is very close to the UK

                      4. what do you mean by "outside of the DMZ" dont you mean, put it IN the DMZ, usually IPs are outside of the DMZ when that feature is disabled

                      5. Im in spain not the US

                      6. i called you nerd cause of the way you came in and replied to my thread, not knowing what kind of connection i have or if i had these type of problems before, i have been playing since black ops 1 and i have always had open nat type, no need to even forward any ports cause of my fibre connection and untill 2 days ago i was able to get NAT type open by setting my console,s location to UK, that is gone now, i made a thread about it but that is gone now

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                      Re: Latest patch messing the game even more


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                    Re: Latest patch messing the game even more

                    I tried playing a little earlier and had the "dead before I see the enemy" constantly. I went negative.. I checked the lobby leaderboard after the match to see if these guys were just really good.. me with a 3.53 and the next highest was a 1.48 who was on my team.. then the rest were either negative or barely positive. I got destroyed by people I simply couldn't see.

                    Then in another match I got my Juggernaught streak and my minigun was shooting marshmellows. It was taking a ridiculous amount of hitmarkers to get a single kill. I got only 3 before I died because of the lag. They just need to remove the last patch and reapply the previous one.

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