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        70. Re: should scavenger resupply  equipment

        The problem with letting scavenger restock grenades and launcher ammo in this game is that we have the danger close perk.  It's expensive at 4 squad points, but I have run it on a few class and it is devistating in it's effect.  The aspect that keeps the perk in check is that you can only spawn with 4 total explosives on a class, unless you are using the MK32 grenade launcher.  If scavenger restored grenades, it would make both perks over powered.  I wouldn't be opposed to scavenger restocking grenades, but we would need to balance it out.  Make it a 4 to 5 point perk instead of a 2 point perk for example, then it would be fair. If you had to pain 9 slots for danger close and scavenger, then it would leave you with 2 equips and no secondary.  Otherwise forget it.

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          71. Re: should scavenger resupply  equipment

          Yeah, the fact that Scavenger is the way it is, and the fact that there's no One Man Army, is really the only reason why Danger Close would be seen as safe enough to make a return since MW2. By itself, it can still be strong, but it has stricter limitations without the other two Perks, thus preventing the game from becoming a clone of MW2 in being a complete explosion fest (and there WAS a Blast Shield equipment that could be used to increase resistance to explosives and made the user immune to Stun Grenades).

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            72. Re: should scavenger resupply  equipment

            you do know that in order to get the scavenger pack you have to get a non explosive kill

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              73. Re: should scavenger resupply  equipment

              Actually explosive kills drop scavenger packs in this game.  That was actually Black ops 2 where explosive kills didn't.  However, it's not that big of a deal in ghost because scavenger packs don't replenish explosives.

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                74. Re: should scavenger resupply  equipment

                I'm talking about if it did allowed it to replenish explosives,

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                  75. Re: should scavenger resupply  equipment

                  I say scavenger should resupply lethals and tacticals from non-explosive kills. It helps to kill campers. Everyone here has to admit that ghost is a campers paradise. People simply put an I.E.D behind them and sit and kill. What was that? I should work with my team and kill the campers well I can't cause my teammates camp. It is no gun to gun battle which people claim it to be. You might say that it would help campers by allowing them to resupply their lethals but they would have to get up and move to get those, hence they would be vulnerable. Due to the reduced visibility in the greyish background of ghost people have turned to camping. Even rushers camp!!!!! WHY? To increase their K.D ratio and keep the all new K.D graph on green. People playing ghost is decreasing rapidly. When it came out there were one million, I just checked a minute ago and it 26000. Black ops2 has more players because that was a real rush game. Ghost is not!! It is a game for shameless campers who prey on the rushers who love the adrenaline of running and gunning. The Ghillie suit, the grey background, and numerous hiding spots everything is for the campers. I could handle the very few campers in black ops2 with my c4 but here its just not possible. Moreover lethals and tacticals take away perk points even though they are a one time use. THAT is very stupid.

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                    76. Re: should scavenger resupply  equipment

                    I wouldn't see a problem with scavenger resupllying equipment.  It would need the stipulation that you cannot have more equipment than you started with. For example if spawned with a single IED and then resupplied a second with scavenger. When you throw out your second one, your first one is immediately removed from the map. Secondly, I think if we are going to allow it to restock equipment like in black ops 2 we would also need to make it that enemies killed by explosives don't drop scavenger packs meaning you have to get a gun kill to resupply.  Finally, the perk would need to be more expensive to reflect it's new abiliity.  This would probably raise it to 3 or 4 points in cost.

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                      77. Re: should scavenger resupply  equipment

                      Difference.. Worm camps in high traffic areas. He doesn't hide in a dark corner. The scavy packs he collects are from victims he kills with his gun. The packs are not dropped if the person is killed by an explosive.

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