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    Poor connection quality after Update

      I have a pretty solid connection (55 down, 12 up, 70ms ping) and up until the last couple of days, I have not once been on anything but the dedicated servers (I live equidistant from the North Central and East Coast servers), and I don't think I've had a single instant of lag.


      As soon as the update happened, every game I play is on P2P servers, and there are 4-5 (no joke, literally 4-5) host migrations per game and a tremendous amount of lag.


      Has anyone else experienced this?

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          I am also have a similar problem.  I live in Germany so it used to connect me to Europeans but after last update all the people I connect to are from the US (mainly California).  It is very frustrating to have so much lag that it makes it hard to enjoy playing the game.  There are only two reasons why I think I could have this issue.  1. If there are different regions I should have the US region XB1...So it connects me to a US server 2. I use a VPN (only for netflix) from time to time but I changed the location to the Netherlands and I still have the same issue.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to get back to playing with Europeans?

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            I completely agree,
            up until 2 days ago, i almost exclusively played with people from Australia, PNG and NZ. The gaming was fun.


            Now all i pick up are american players


            why is this happening? do you think it remain permanently. effectively im back playing other games online.

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                I have been experiencing poor match making since the Feb. 20th update. IE: I live in Ontario, Canada and am constantly being matched against players in the uk, germany, france and italy, in the middle of the afternoon on saturday no less.  I haven't even bothered trying to play for the last week, and judging by recent posts it doesn't look like it will be worth while playing anytime soon.  It's likely due to something IW tweaked to improve lag, that hasn't worked..like a few of their other fixes, but if anyone comes up with a solution, I would love to hear about it.

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                i have seen 2 host migrations in the last couple of days, now that brings it up to 5 since release. right before the update everyone was skating in front of me. its been pretty smooth with a couple hiccups since the update.

                the party consists of me western canada, new york, nashville and ohio

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                  I'm from Germany and have exactly the same problem. The connection is really miserable .. just lags and delays. before the patch everything was great and it ran smoothly .. it should quickly what should be done because it is almost unplayable like this.

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                    Are y'all experiencing this in just COD or other games?


                    I'm curious if there is an issue with the dedicated servers and less so Call of Duty specifically.

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                      OMG What happened with Ghost after the update in february 28 the game were unplayable for me..... alltime lags if we dont get  the  host.....we get kicked for no reason(broadband con is already stable)...and I alwas got a open nat type and after the patch me and all of my mates got a moderate nat type......im from Germany and ig got a VDSL 50Mbit down/10Mbit up ping round 28 or something




                      so pleassse fix this ...................