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    Looking for a clan? The NCR wants you!


      I am Rycon, now owner and always recruiter of the NCR(New California Republic). Due to a clan reset and inactive member dump, we're back to level 1 with a new name. We play a variety of game types that allow everyone to have their strengths played and their weaknesses able to be grown upon. Wither you're new or a seasoned veteran, our clan is happy to have you and to help you grow in any ways needed.



      More Info:

      *Level: 1

      *Clan KD: 0.76

      *# Members: 4

      *Creation Date: 11/20/2013 - Restructured 1/4/2014

      *Type: CoEd non-specific

      *Youtube: none yet

      *Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/newcalrepublic

      *Website: http://thenewcaliforniarepublic.enjin.com

      *Join Form: http://thenewcaliforniarepublic.enjin.com/recruitment




      *Can keep your gamertag unless you want to change it

      *K/D and W/L does not matter to us, but they do reflect the type of player you are

      *You'd be part of a friendly, mature, competitive, active clan

      *You'd be actively participating in Clan Wars and receive the bonus' and patches that come with it

      *We have divisions for the XBox 360, One, PC, PS3, PS4, and PC so players do not have to be on a specific platform to join




      *Must be no younger then 15(there is no max age)

      *If you're already in a clan, you must leave that clan first before joining us

      *It's not required, but it's heavily suggested you have a headset and the clan app

      *Be Active in the clan and Clan Wars

      *Be Mature but have fun

      *Be Friendly to each other

      *Respect the Clan Leader and Co-Leaders



      If you are interested, please click the "Join Form" link above. If you have questions, please PM me.

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