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    Coming over from the 360!

      When I just recently purchase my Xbox One, I couldn't wait to play Ghosts!  Amazing graphics, smoother game play!  Well, not really, the graphics and sounds are amazing on next gen, but still have the call of duty community playing the game.  Played 2 games of TDM and had a blast.  Played 3 minutes of a KC game with a friend...jumpshotters, dropshotters, absurd camping, **** spawns...I am such an idiot for thinking the game would play better on the new console.  That's what I get for getting on the hype train blindly.  Have had the game for 24 hours and am ready to take it back to gamestop and get my $5 for it.  I just think that the game would be fine, but the community has completely and utterly ruined the franchise, not the developers.  Just my little rant, i will see everyone around...if you are on the 360 or on the 360 forums. 

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          Re: Coming over from the 360!

          The game is not next gen just ported into next gen therefore if anything the game is worse.


          the Xbone was released 6 months too early and the whole Xbox community is to blame for the quick release as the whole console had to be remade in about o month..


          the original Console with un-sharable  games was meant to completely change the gaming franchise but they sold it to the public wrong.


          So thanks to Microsoft and the Xbox community we have had to have a rushed next gen console,

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