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    So when are you going to fix the netcode you broke, again, Treyarch?

      Trey_A, I'm only going to give you a pat on the back if you add or fix something WITHOUT breaking something that worked. We get a new map that everyone else got since launch and you fixed some minor issues I never dealt with, but they were there. Yah. But you took a hammer to the netcode. Again. The old netcode was tolerable. And you manged to totally ruin it to the point it feels like all my matches are against BRs who still use 56k connections.


      Riley doesn't even jump anymore, he just needs to get within 10 feet of me and I have a have a heart attack (Thank god I got that operation done, since it's impossible to do now.) Same problem with knife users since they all have commando level lunges


      And that quarter to half second game delay from MW3 is back. I lose EVERY knife battle and a vast majority of gun fight now even when I get the first hitmarkers.



      Why? Why make something that works and break it again? This isn't even asking to go back to lag shooting. (Which is still the best choice since people with good connections aren't punished.) Or is this some scheme to stratify the wiimote and traditional controller bases to Ghosts and BOII respectively?



      You don't want things to turn negative? Don't muck the few things that work up.