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      • Test #1

        I would rather it be OP, which it isn't, than have it be underpowered.

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        • Test #1

          I just posted the following in another thread:


          I've got DLC1 and love the Maverick. I think it is a great gun and I personally do well with it when the situation calls for it. Did paying for the DLC/Maverick make me an instant better player? No. Before I got the DLC were there Mavericks all over outclassing me at every turn? No.


          After reading some of the crying here I switched one of my loadouts to use the Rem R5 with VMR and muzzle break. I did this to test the theory that some people have about the Mav being so unfair or overpowered or whatever. I am playing just as well, if not better with the "free" R5.


          To expand on this a bit, I've used the Mav a ton since getting the DLC on Xbox so I've had it awhile and am very familiar with it in nearly any situation. The R5 I have barely used. I think with the right setup Mav does great for an AR at range, maybe a bit more than a real AR would, but I can already see that the R5 does the same if not better. It is a little hard to say it is overpowered if other guns in the class are playing about the same.

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