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    what do you think of xbox gets dlc first?

      like wat it says up top that is one of the stupidest things iv seen xbox is no different from the wii or ps3 other than you down grading to xbox cuz you have to pay for a month of online lol people these days do not us that 10 pound weight 3ft up from their@$$ xbox will never be better than PlayStation  

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          Re: what do you think of xbox gets dlc first?

          I think it is great since I have Xbox lol


          It's part of the marketing game between the game makers and console makers. Everyone knows that IW has arrangements with Microshaft. If getting COD DLC first or Halo is super important, you buy Xbox. If you want to play PS3/4 exclusives you buy one of those.


          Here it is easy: we have xboxes and COD for them, and have PS/3 for things like The Last of Us.

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            Re: what do you think of xbox gets dlc first?

            Thanks for sharing your thoughts for that one. Though it's a fact that Xbox naturally gets DLCs first, in my opinion as a gamer, I still wish that DLC releases will have the same date for all gaming platforms. Well, like ThePrincessSlayer said, it's mainly a business decision by the console networks and the developers. There are features that Xbox and Playstation consoles share and each of them has their edge or appeal for buyers. In my opinion, we gamers are lucky to have them and enjoy what they can offer. I find all of them equal as long as I can play my games lol. Anyways, it's still up to the user's preference though or like, if he has more friends on that console then factors like that can be considered. Looking forward for any DLC releases soon or any hot news that might come up for the game and the gaming consoles. Cheers!

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