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    Character not detected

      My son plays Skylander Swap Force on the Wii U.  We bought the Spyro swap force figure a couple of weeks ago and it worked fine until this weekend.  Now if I put it on the portal, nothing is detected - it just reads "please place your skylander on the portal of power".  There is no option to reset the character because you can't access a menu on the "please place your skylander on the portal" screen.  My son has about 8 other characters, all of them are working fine.  I keep the portal about 6 feet away from the tv and speakers because the portal seems very sensitive to being close to other electronics. I've moved the portal around, on the floor, bookshelf, as far as the cable will go away from any equipment, and Spyro doesn't work, but other characters all work.  To top it off, I'm pretty sure I don't have the receipt for Spyro anymore because it was bought weeks ago and it initially worked fine. 


      Any advice?  I've tried the Live Agent option in the Contact Support screen, but I just get the message "You cannot access this page directly. Please select the Contact Us selection from our homepage", which is bizarre because I accessed the Live Agent option through the "Conact Us" option on the homepage.


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          I am having the same problem, but we are not able to play any of the characters. We have all them and none of them are being read, just says "Please place a Skylander on the portal of power". I have not found anything to solve this but going to be contacting Activision today.