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    Skylanders portal won't connect.

      HI, hoping someone can help me.

      i Bought skylanders for my sons for Xmas.

      the portal is wired, but it won't connect.

      it says that the portal has been disconnected but the portal lights up.

      iv tried all the different USB ports with it and it still does the same.

      i Know the USB ports are fine as the headphones work in them all.

      im at my wits end with it, I can't take it back as silly me didn't put receipt in save place and I can't find it.

      if anyone can give us some help would be greatful.


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          Hello Ponton1981,


          Thanks for taking the time to post.


          Can you let me know what console you are playing on? Also, try to make sure that the cable is fully extended, and not scrunched up (as headphones usually do in my pocket arggh!).




          ATVI Support

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              thanks for your reply,

              yes wire is fully extended tried moving it everywhere, but still the same. It's an xbox 360 that I'm trying to play it on.


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                  Hi Ponton1981,


                  Thanks for the update.  Just for clarification, you are using the Swap Force portal for Xbox 360, correct?  What type of surface do you have the portal sitting on (metal, glass with metal trim, etc.)?  Additionally, do you have any other devices or USB drives connected to the system?  If so, try removing the devices then try the portal once more and let us know the results.


                  Regards ^AH

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                      Seems to me you're the one to talk to.

                      I've tried entering a warrantee claim, I've tried via the "contact us" page... Various links seem to be broken and as a result I have been unable to make contact through regular channels.

                      Hopefully this will get through and we can move forward from here.

                      My son saved up and bought a Skylanders Swap Force starter pack for Wii shortly after Christmas, the first thing that happened was a message to say "please connect the portal" even though it was connected. It's a wired portal and we tried all the usb ports with no luck. I figured the portal was faulty & we exchanged it at the shop where he bought it. Exactly the same issue. I did some further research & discovered that the Wii operating system needed to be upgraded. Before I has a chance to do that the cd drive on the Wii itself failed. We took it in for replacement and while they had it they did the upgrade. We got it back last week and are still having exactly the same problem. The wire is fully extended, there are no other wireless devices around it.

                      Please can you help with this?


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                  Have you tried to plug the portal in another console or even in the store you bought? it could be a rare case related with your console, or even with the portals itself.