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    (PS3) Ghost Clan Recruiting!

      Clan: Social eXemption

      Level: 16

      Members: 59

      Clan KD: 1.35


      Looking for active, fun, and competitive players to join my clan. Players who will participate in clan wars. and will just basically be an active member. We haven't been to serious on clan wars recently. But we're certain to be from when the next one starts.

      We have been around since COD4, and only a few members have lasted from then. We're a UK Based clan. But we do have members from all over the world. Members aged from 14-30+ and we all seem to get on pretty well.

      We like to play competitively and we try and get a few scrims daily.

      If you're interested in joining eXe, you will need to meet these requirements. *No hackers*

      - KD must be 1.05 or higher

      - W/L must be 1.00 or higher

      - Need to be an active member   *If work interferes then thats not a problem*

      - Need to be 14 or older

      - You must speak CLEAR English

      If interested add me on PS3 Tyler_OAFC letting me know who you're also message me your GHOST STATS.  Thanks.