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    worst call of duty yet?

      i thought mw3 had that title on lock but ghosts has really stepped up their game. 


      there's the worst spawns to date by far

      pitiful killstreaks

      weird aiming with anything other than a sniper or lmg (serisously the mtar looks like it's 8 feet long)

      suddenly there's lag where there was none (this game one saving grace up until now)

      ginormous maps (which makes the awful spawns reall confusing)

      sound cutting in and out



      at least mw3 had good maps


      seriously did infinity ward have a meeting, look at what was popular in other titles and then choose the exact opposite?  i can be a girl?  whoopity doo.  it's 1st person.  i can't see it when i'm playing. 


      anybody else trade in their ps3 or xbox 360 to "upgrade" to this crap?


      also, sony hdcp...wtf? 

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          1. Re: worst call of duty yet?

          oh almost forgot about the blurry screen 2-3 times per match.  my personal favorite.  it's like being in one of those douchey youtube remixes sans dubstep

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            2. Re: worst call of duty yet?

            I think this is the best one since modern warfare. For the most part this game allowed skilled players to excel and didn't let shitty players screw you over with stupid killstreaks and perks. But now that it has unplayable lag for the most part and I can't even do good in a lobby with sub 1 ratio players whats the point? It's garbage like all the rest.

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              3. Re: worst call of duty yet?

              I'm in agreement with you about the spawns and recent lag.  The sound cutting out hasn't been an issue for me at all.  This may differ from most, but I like the fact that the killstreaks aren't overpowering and the maps have some size to them.  Haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary with the aiming mechanics.


              If they can get the lag issues figured out I'll probably start playing more again.  Normally I'm good for about two matches every few days just to remind myself why I haven't been playing.

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                4. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                killstreaks are what makes cod different from battlefield.  these are worthless except for the chopper gunner which is crazy good.  better than the kem strike. 


                the only thing this game let's people excel at at is camping.  how many time limit games are you in?  kill confirmed is a 40-45 finish every game almost.  i get 30 or more tags by myself while the rest of my team gets maybe 10 total.  i've more tags than the entire enemy team a few times. 



                the dog may be the worst addition ever.  people hide in corners with their damned dogs now.  or they lay on top of a ladder with one.  terrible.  thought we'd get to control it like in the campaign.  that would be cool. 


                this game does nothing well.  i actually haven't bought the maps for this one.  first time i've done that. 

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                  5. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                  that's what i do.  i literally hate this one, but have no alternative.  dc universe is eating up a lot of my gaming time now, but it crashed my ps4 every once in a while.  now it has a queue to get into it.  too bad.  really liked this one at the price i paid

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                    6. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                    here's some of that stuff in action


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                      7. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                      Same here, I moved on to DC Universe for the time being.  I ended up paying the $15 or whatever it was in order to get some preference on the queue.  Not Legendary, but the queue below that. 

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                        8. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                        Killstreaks are fair and balanced so that some chump with hardline can't screw over skilled players. Every duty before this one only about 10% of my deaths were from actual guns. All my other deaths were from chump killstreaks and stupid perks. This game allows skilled player to dominate. Every duty has campers and they are pretty rare (I'm talking actually campers, not people holding down an area or someone moving from spot to spot. Just because you keep getting killed sprinting around the map doesn't make it their fault, it's yours.) Games rarely go to the time limit also.

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                          9. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                          I feel it's the best COD to date. Because someone on youtube just posts a vid to complain doesn't change my opinion. Black Ops 2 was just god awful terrible

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