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        760. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

        I have contributed in productive means, just not in means that you agree with. Not every reply has to be nice or friendly or polite, nor should it. People need to stop being so fragile and worrying what everyone else thinks or feels all the time. The world is not nice, not polite, not friendly all the time either and never will be no matter what idealists ever want to think or claim or express to others.


        And yes I post a lot on here so what makes no difference. I don't have to agree with what the OP says ever. It is just as much might right to call them out on it as it is theirs to post it here.


        The fact that they need something changed is because they do not want to change how they play instead. And that is the same for all that complain about anything wrong in the game. It does not play how THEY want so want it changed to suit THEM.

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          761. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

          ok, good luck with that.

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            762. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

            Foxy is a good person and a fair moderator on these forums. Takes a lot to get him upset with you compared to some people at times.


            Do not feel the need to apologize to me ever for what you say or feel like saying. I am old enough not to take anything said here against me personally ever. I know that the words are just that, meaningless and powerless unless you chose to give them meaning to or power over you.


            I don't do long lengthy conversations here anymore for most people don't really like them here. Not when a simple 1-3 sentence reply is more than enough to expression a view point about what someone says. Not every discussion needs to be long and express the entire scope of the feelings as to why a person feels the way they do against someone else and what they have said. More people here want simple answers than complex answers.


            This is not college where you have to provide a thesis and then support that thesis with details and facts for every thing said for or against any other persons response. If you are seeking that level of conversation you will be more than not disappointed with what you will find here on a common everyday basis.

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              763. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

              ok, sounds good.

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                764. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                "They don't have to care if you don't like the sniper nerfs. (Activision/IW probably do care whether or not the people playing their game enjoy the experience, but obviously no one has to do anything)"


                The sad thing is, you are probably right. They have made their money off of us already. When you are the only game in town, there isn't much of a choice. It's CoD or nothing. I'm personally not fond of BF since it's online reliant. I really appreciate the fact that the devs included bots in this game though. Very excited about that. I'll stick to my unpatched version and just play the core game with them.

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                  765. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                  you should tell activision or infinity ward to add a juggernaut game mode, more weapons, new unlocks per prestige, i dont think they should've changed the kill for sniper rifles with silencers,they should the character custom packs to ps3 to,and mke new game modes.

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                    766. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts


                    Weapon Balance/Sniper Rifles: We constantly evaluate and re-evaluate weapon balance. Any changes we make have a ripple effect throughout the game so we test things heavily before they go live.  After much feedback and many hours of internal testing, we recently made adjustments to the MSBS.


                    Sniper Rifles are something we are also looking into; as we said before, we changed Sniper Rifles from MW3 to Ghosts. Those changes are:


                      • No aim assist from the hip, which was a huge part of how Quick Scoping worked in previous games. Players now have to aim unassisted until fully scoped in.
                      • Hip fire reticles for Sniper Rifles were removed and hip spread was increased drastically. This reduces the effectiveness of hip firing with a Sniper Rifle.
                      • The Quickdraw perk’s Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed scale was reduced significantly for Sniper Rifle."

                    //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////

                    • Ok BRING BACK  aim assist from the hip and crosshairs as that is a big thing in cod and quick scoping is the best thing. you don't want the game to be **** so don't take off things that are good.
                    • PLEASE do fix your spawn system and bring back the mw3 system spawn system. it makes more sense.
                    • NERF THE M-TAR cause we all know thats op.
                    • Don't bring BF4 into cod ghost with the knife animation . Knife animation is [Removed by Moderator]. There is know fun in knifing any more.
                    • Bring back "the Quickdraw perk’s Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed scale was reduced significantly for Sniper Rifle" because quick scoping is fun as hell.
                    • In my honest opinion of this game is that it has been rushed and its bad overall. Through 6 years of playing cod non stop cod ghost is the worst cod i have ever played and this is coming from a guy who has a 2:5 kd and is dedicated his life to fps games.
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                      767. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                      They do not need to bring back the aim assist from the hip or the crosshairs for snipers just so you can QS easier again. QS is not the best thing about the game and never was. They didnt take off what was good, they tried to right and exploit.


                      The MW3 spawns were not the best, many players complained about them as well.


                      None of the weapons are OP, just some are easier to use than others and have always been this way in CoD.


                      Knifing should not be easy where a person can simply panic knife through someone firing at them for cheap kills.


                      They do not need to bring back the quick draw perks to make QS with snipers easier again, QS is lame as hell.


                      The game was not rushed, just was too hard to implement everything correctly while trying to develop and test it for twice as many systems as normal.


                      The fact that you dedicate your life to fps games says enough..you need a new life...fps games are not the be all and end all about life and never should be for anyone ever.

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                        768. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                        I agree w/ a lot of what you said, theres still some issues.


                        #1 Mw all the way to Ghosts has featured the same spawn system, the difference is map size, and map detail.(I.e maps have a lot more pathing, vertical areas, and general stuff.)


                        #2 MSBS was insanely overpowered @ release, The Ak-12 was not op but was the ideal PUB weapon pre nerf. Remington R5 even w/ 24 bullets is down right borderline overpowered its way to accurate, way too stable, and has highest damage next to the ak-12.


                        #3 Knifing is all ****** up, it should either work, or it should be a weapon you have to pull out. Melee however should be in FPS games but if I am carrying an Assault rifle or similar weapon I shouldnt drop it knife and have it reappear...rifle smacking is in how many other FPS games and accepted as either 1 to potential 3 hits to kill? TL:Dr bring back rifle smashing.


                        #4 Qs is not everything, it doesn't require special perks, but however it does have moments. Aim assist needs to be turned off on snipers period, it actually doesn't assist anything.


                        #5 The game was clearly rushed, It is very evident In some of the normal polished systems being still rough as **** yet they are 10+ years old. The new mantling system is 50% worse if not more than the old system, I know for a fact a massive amount of players have attempted to jump shot and been sucked to a wall and began to climb...even tho you're maybe 10 feet away or so. They haven't actually revised the core Quake engine much in the last 4-5 releases period. Also note Sledgehammer is NOT developing for last gen but CoD 2014 is being developed specifically for Ps4/Xbox 1...This is a business attempting to not be rushed and put out a quality product. Furthermore lack of real BETA periods result in lack of REAL system and stress testing.


                        #6 The dedication thing is, was, and will always be an ignorant remark. You yourself cared enough to write all that down, why is it a problem for someone else to voice their opinion but not for you? Is it because you 2 have differing opinions?


                        #7 C4 is completely retarded to have in the game. No Military group of any sort has a chunk of C4 to toss around and blow up like a grenade, the closest thing is SEMTEX which Soviet Military forces used in a ton of applications including cigarettes that would blow your head off perfectly, seriously you long haired hippies need to watch Deadliest Warrior ONCE. Furthermore the size of the C4 blocks in game would knock away a significant portion of the map. Basically Infinity Ward and Treyarch come up w/ something new for the love of god. Theres tons of explosives in the world, to the point that your using i.e.d.s instead of claymores now...so lets get with the program and remove C4 an explosive used to BREACH and DESTROY MATERIAL TARGETS.



                        p.s. the knife animation is actually cool, and it doesn't always do the animation, but the lunge needs to go.

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                          769. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                          LifeSong1 wrote:


                          I'm pretty sure you have to get the numbers from every system and add it up to see what the numbers are truly like. That 175 is most likely from your platform and doesn't include the other 4.  With the new gen consoles, you'd need to combine the PS3 and PS4 to get the numbers you likely saw last year...same with 360 and One. Not sure if you took this into consideration.


                          There was 39,000 people online, with 1034 people playing Kill confirmed on PS3 tonight when I got off work...pitiful

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