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        10. Re: worst call of duty yet?

        I couldn't agree with you more. This cod has made it so the better shooter wins. Not the ridiculous killstreak stacking we have seen before.


        Can you honestly blame them? This is a first person shooter. Of course they want to appeal to their long time fans, but all these little squeakers coming up have to have some motivation to buy their game as well. Remember joining half finished lobbies all the time only to get insta killed by multiple killstreaks because one person was able to own a whole team with them...so everyone left. That doesn't happen anymore, except for the tryhard lobbies every now and then.


        They could make some more interesting killstreaks, but I personally like the more gun to gun gameplay. At least until you get to the higher killstreaks. They stacked too easily for good players in the past, and it is a bit silly to not understand why they moved away from this. It literally took one person to win a game.

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          11. Re: worst call of duty yet?



          What is this? "another brick on the wall" We can't keep comparing one CoD from another , most popular has to go to LAG threads , This problem can an hopefully be sorted(lag effects some of the community) , as for the rest of your dribble , act your age

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            12. Re: worst call of duty yet?

            i am acting my age.  i paid for this game with my own money, not my mommy's.  so i have higher expectations than someone whose grammy bought it for their 13th birthday.  this isn't worth 60 bucks, let alone the extra 40 for more maps.  there are better games on ps store for free i can play.  that's your benchmark for ps4.  blacklight is free and works about the same as this game.  how does that happen?  nearly literally everything people liked from other cods is gone.  now it's lagging too?  so yeah i can, and do, play those instead of this game but this should be better than something they're giving away.



            how could i forget that they took out the theater?


            and what do you mean we can't compare them?  that's what the developer is supposed to do; take what people like and hone their product around it. 

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              13. Re: worst call of duty yet?

              is that a one time thing?

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                14. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                what about black ops 2 was bad besides the lag? 

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                  15. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                  my win/loss and k/d are higher than normal in this game and yeah i don't die to too many killsteaks, but what killstreak is there to use besides the chopper gunner that is any good (as in couldn't easily get the same number of kills with your gun)? 

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                    16. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                    you have made a couple of reasonable statements, as for your last line "and what do you mean we can't compare them?  that's what the developer is supposed to do; take what people like and hone their product around it. " 2 developers for CoD and within their camps , I'm taking a guess here, many ideas some good, some didn't quiet go to plan ,every CoD has changed throughout release , rumours are their will be 3 developers fore-coming, do you really think or believe that they will be similar? Until they got a right formula ie intro of perks runnin and kill streaks on MW ,CoD will usually be slightly different than the previous , Just an opinion  

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                      17. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                      MCCOMINATOR2 wrote:


                      i thought mw3 had that title on lock but ghosts has really stepped up their game.


                      there's the worst spawns to date by far

                      pitiful killstreaks

                      weird aiming with anything other than a sniper or lmg (serisously the mtar looks like it's 8 feet long)

                      suddenly there's lag where there was none (this game one saving grace up until now)

                      ginormous maps (which makes the awful spawns reall confusing)

                      sound cutting in and out




                      The latency on MW3 was far worse, though that issue is not simply resolved or dissapeared from online gaming.


                      Spawns are not friendly, we are all realizing this


                      Aiming is great, no more aim assist, hip spraying is literally a thing of the past unless you use steady aim.


                      Maps are fine in terms of size and because of the whines they are throwing out smaller ones.

                      MCCOMINATOR2 wrote:


                      at least mw3 had good maps


                      seriously did infinity ward have a meeting, look at what was popular in other titles and then choose the exact opposite?  i can be a girl?  whoopity doo.  it's 1st person.  i can't see it when i'm playing.


                      anybody else trade in their ps3 or xbox 360 to "upgrade" to this crap?


                      also, sony hdcp...wtf?

                      To me this game is more addictive than previous titles, I can play this game for hours with friends and have a good time. Playing solo is not so easy, this game is better than the last (to me) two previous titles.

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                        18. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                        I will have to disagree.  I am also one that firmly believes that this is one of the better CoDs to date.  People talk about lag and I am experiencing very little.  Lag can be a game killer as it was for me in Black Ops 2.  I also had very little lag in MW3 and I enjoyed that title as well.  It's a shame that everyone can't experience the same thing each game.  I know how frustrating lag can be.  It made me HATE Black Ops 2.  As for the kill streaks, I'm glad they toned them down.  They really were getting crazy OP.  Now, it's just my gun against your gun...and that is how it should be.

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                          19. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                          Modern Warfare 2 was the worst.

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