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      Looking for consitent players my clan is recruting we are called AMmD for All Men Must Die for valar morghulis from the book Game Of Thornes on ps3 we are looking for 6members. Our clan is on day and night. If you are a serious player and on for clan wars send DrGreenThumb2610 a friend request or message are clan has been around for 4 years now.


      Clan Details-


      Level: 18


      members: 19 ( recently kicked friends not playing )


      Name: All Men Must Die (Valar Morghulis)


      Clan Wars Division: Platnuim 2 more wins for Diamond divsion


      everyone in clan is  a good soild player High Assault runners


      most of us no life the game


      age group 16-30


      didnt really want to post this but tired of ppl joing and not playing only send a request if u are atleast a 1.0 kd and are steadly on for clan wars


      clans kd are all positive and we are all positive k/d


      our clan KDR is 1.29 and win loss is 75% we all are on for clan wars with atleast 2 lobbys

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