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    MW3, can't get in-game DLC to download

      For Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360, I downloaded the Collection 1, 2, and 3 keys from Xbox Live. When in-game, I initiate the download of all available maps and after I confirm the download, immediately get an error. Error code: 80153003. It then populates the files to my Active Downloads, where it will proceed to download them to 99%, then restart and bounce between 0% and 98/99% before it cancels. I am left with an incomplete map file that is not usable.


      Using the Xbox error code support, I have cancelled active downloads, deleted partially downloaded files, deleted marketplace cache, deleted content cache, and deleted system cache. Followed by a restart. Then when I try to download the maps in-game again, same error.


      Using Activision support, I have tried deleting all DLC from my hard drive and deleting the Title Update. Cleared system cache for good measure and restarted the game. Entered the game and it redownloaded the Title update. Went to multiplayer and it spurred me to redownload the free DLC maps, which downloaded without error. I then played a complete multiplayer game. Exitted, redownloaded the Collection packs, went in-game to download the maps, and same error as before.


      I have repated these steps numerous times over the past 3 days. Very frustrating. As I've searched forums, this appears to be a growing problem since they took Elite offline. Are Elite going offline and the failure of downloading DLC entitled "Elite Drop...." related? So far, it appears so.


      Anyone else have a suggestion?

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          I'm in the same boat here. I have been at this since 2PM CST and it is now 6:20CST. This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE! COD/Activision/IW/MS take my $ and then give me absolutely nothing in return? When is this going to get resolved or reimbursed?

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            On my second Activision support chat, I may have received the answer....


            "I see. It seems that you may no longer be able to get the ELITE drops Steve since this was a limited offer before and as of this moment, ELITE premium is no longer available, though players that are still members for the premium will still be able to download the contents."


            As the support chat continued, I was told that I had to have Elite before it was removed on February 28 and as long as it was installed, the downloads for the maps would work. As for a refund, they told me I had to contact the 1st party provider (Xbox/ Microsoft). Now comes the fight to get back the $22.50 I paid for the map packs (which was half off through March 3... after they deactivated Elite).


            To put this in forum appropriate terms: What a bunch of equine defecation.

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              Same thing here.  I spent 3.5 hrs with Microsoft and 10 minutes with Activision.  Microsoft opened a case, escalated it, went thru the whole ordeal of delete pretty much everything, reinstall, redownload and nothing changed.


              They suggested I open a case with Activision.  They inturn, said nope, if you cant download it, its a problem with XBOX live.


              I got a call back from XBOX support and they confirmed that there are tons of people having issues with these DLC.  After more troubleshooting, I think with 99% certainty this is because Activision shut down Elite two weeks ago.  They of course wont investigate and deny its their problem.


              Microsoft was very helpful and refunded the purchase price and threw in a freebie or two for the trouble.


              F-u-*-k Activision

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                I too talked to xbox support, then activision, then back to xbox chat. The guy on chat finally got me into multiplayer games by going to xbox.com, logging in, and then making the dlc (free) purchase there. This then queues it up on my xbox and I can finally get the download without the error and play online.


                http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Modern-Warfare-3/66acd000-77fe-1000-91 15-d802415608cb


                go there, log in, and push the downloads to your xbox.

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                  Thanks darren_co.  I tried it, still couldnt get it to work.  Finally about two days ago I got an email saying that they did find a problem and that tech support was working on it.  As of today, I still cant get a clean, working download.

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                    I have mw3 on my ps3. I have purchased my dlc map packs long ago but can't play them now and I'm not even given the option to. I don't understand where my money went since I clearly can't play or access what I paid for. I understand the game has been out for years and it's not the hottest thing out but when I spend my hard earned money on something I would expect to get what I paid for!

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                      Whatever the problem was, it is now fixed. Saw a post on xbox forums about it, went in-game and downloaded all the Collection 1,2, & 3 maps I had purchased. Already played a few spec ops missions and started getting my last achievements before posting this.