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    Regular vs. Hardcore Extinction

      I would like to think Activision really messed up at one thing when they introduced the "Hardcore" mode to Co-Op Point of Contact: They made it available to everyone. I am decent at the game, I'm a Prestige 10, max leveled player. I've solo'd the maps. I'm ranked in the top 150 players for both PoC and Nightfall on Co-Op. I'm ranked in the top 1000 players for overall score. I wanted to try Hardcore to finally have something new, and slightly more challenging to do (we all know after doing both maps 100 times with all 5 relics, it's not even really close to challenging). Lately, when I get into a lobby for Hardcore, all I see are countless people who are not just low level (which is in no way bad), but they haven't ever completed either of the maps on regular difficulty. Hardcore was supposed to be something new to those who were already experienced and wanted a challenge, but it's kind of difficult to do much of anything at all when you continue to get lumped into groups with players who have sometimes not even played 1 game of Extinction (I.E. 0 kills/escapes/etc..)


      I think that Activision should revise the game mode, to only be accessible to those who have at least completed that version of the map once on regular (Such as, being unable to play Co-Op Hardcore PoC until you have completed it on the regular difficulty at least once.) If they so choose to enable that for solo matches as well, so be it, but they should definitely enable it for Co-Op so that newer, less experienced players do not interfere with those who are playing said game mode for a reason.

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          I couldn't agree more. It's horrible going into Hardcore, then the first 20 games you get put with low ranks who have had NO escapes on regular or even on solo POC.

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              I swear to you, the past 2 days, all I have done is try to find a decent lobby for HC PoC, and I've only come across one that made it past the first barrier (we died on the second thanks to people who like to stand around and do nothing). It's just ridiculous. Sure, some are nice. "Why are you here?" "Well, I haven't beaten it, but I wanted to try Hardcore for a bit." *Exact words from someone in a lobby I was in a few hours ago.

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              I do like that idea, unlocking hardcore mode once you've beaten regular mode. I usually only play hardcore modes with friends who I play regularly with though, since I find hardcore to be significantly more difficult. If lobbies stopped filling up with level 1 zero prestige people it just wouldn't feel like I'm playing extinction anymore.

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                It is absolutely mind boggling how many fish attempt HC with no escapes on REG or NF victories..... I've been doing a bunch of HC games and have made it to the run back so far with 3 other experienced players but when the party has even 1 wink link then your chances of making it by the 2nd barrier or even the first is pretty slim. SKILL POINT management is crucial and MONEY needs to be shared in order to get supplies! Im still fiinding people in HC games that don't even know how to throw money down to share.... In pregame lobby people are happy to say they will upgrade this or that but when its needed on hive 5 the supply is still not upgraded or +1 that is beyond irratating.... Im almost always the dedicated MEDIC and if I say my points will go into that then they do EVERYTIME!!! I agree that the devs should do something to limit on who can enter a HC lobby whether it be an escape unlock or beating POC and NF on reg difficulty first etc...

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                  They do need to sort it out but the best solution I have found so far is to find good players and do hardcore together and you will beat it easily

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                    I have met a level 1 before, I literally been blunt with the guy and told him to get out! try regular. he is now on my friends list for those who thought I was harsh but I helped him almost complete regular. its kinda hard when he is such a low level. but not only is that an issue but there was like less than 40 people in the mode itself when I was playing. only one lobby had decent people, luckily it was people who had escaped with 5 relics already. I completed it twice now. and I had done 5 relics myself now, this is how people should do. after they unlock it, try this mode. or even they have to escape with a relic or a score limit. they have to reach over 250,000 score Point of contact to unlock it. escapes are easily given, escaping with a relic is a lot tougher than those simple players. people who havn't prestieged yet should not be in a hardcore lobby. they should also include a hardcore nightfall lobby. im tired of having people in custom games just to attempt it.

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                      The problem with "hardcore" is that the word is used for multiple different things in COD.  For example, in multiplayer games like team deathmatch, "hardcore" makes it easier to kill people.  Only have to hit them once.