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      I am the leader(with my friend) of a small but competitive clan that is looking to grown our ranks, We don't have and things you need, but we do have some things we would like and if you are missing to many you wont be accepted. If you pass the test you will then have one week were you wont be in the clan but you must play and act like you are. If you are interested msg me(ThawingCub5) on xboxlive and I will assess you. You will be graded in the areas listed bellow, If you don't pass one or two, don't worry you still might get in,


      MIC(no mic=fail mic=pass)

              (Going off of that if you have a mic but A.Dont use, or B.Swear in every sentence, rage, you will fail)


      K/D and W/L ratio (Both bellow 1= fail, one bellow 1=doesn't count twords overall score, both over 1=pass)


      Teamwork(judges opinion but its really do you travel as a team or run off on your own, is your strategy for the good of the team or are you only trying to boost your self.


      Playstyle(Judges opinion again but you play two matches, one of MY choice in a public match, and one match you design in a private match.)


      If you aren't accepted or you fail your trial session you may apply and try again in one week.