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    Recruiting for 69 Hellhounds on Ps3 Bo2

      look we are not a clan who are looking for really good players we just want casual cod bo2 players u dont really need a mic coz we stuff around most of the time  and sometimes we do clan wars aswell but nothing serious. We mainly play on friday nights and weekends and we vote for the thing that we wanna play for e.g if more people vote for zombies we play zombies and if more people vote for multiplayer we do that and we also we give away dlc packs coz everyone has to have the dlcs so yeh and we are also working on our league team we got 2 teams set up for league but need 3 more so yerr if your interested tell me on psn by adding me My gamer tag is L3G3ND_Kil3rHp and i will try to answer you soon so till then i will cya fudges later