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    Booters in League

      Been away playing Ghosts since it came out but I recently came back to BO2 to play League. I've been doing really well winning almost every match but I keep hearing about "booters" in the lobbies. I got booted from my first match today (on a 8 winstreak) and I'm just wondering if this happens to a lot of people and if there's anything I can do to stop it from happening to me? It sounds like a DDoS attack and I don't think I can do anything about it...

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          The correct term is DDoSers, and yes, this has been going on since Season 6-7 and It's a federal crime to do it. So i wouldn't recommend you start doing it, cause you do it to someone that knows how to track the attack, you're looking at jail time. Oh, and Treyarch doesn't give a sh*t about this game anymore, so theire not gonna do anything about it....

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            its really annoying. Us as a legit players want to have a competitive environment. and all these virgins either sign out of PSN as the game was about to start or DDOS during the game. i don't really care if i lose or not, i just want an intense match. not sure how to deal with Ddos-er.. and also, can anyone let me know that if DDOS will use up our internet usage .


            P.S. im from Australian and there's a certain internet usage per month. (checked my usage one of those days that i played bo2+ddosed, it was 6-7 times more of my regular daily usage)

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                We've found up a solution. Set up a VPN connection. What this does is protected you from drops attacks. You can also download a hotspot shield, some cost money and some don't. What this does is hides/masks your IP, so it look like you're from somewhere else. Im too lazy to explain how to make a VPN, so if you don't know how to do it, there are numerous videos on YouTube that show you how.