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    Xbox One Adapter game and chat volume the same?


      I bought a pair of XO 7s and I was told that I could mix the game and chat volume with the new Xbox One adapter. This is not working for me. I press the game button and try to turn it up, it works fine, but then I press the chat button to turn people up, it turns the game volume up with it. Its like the two buttons are doing the same thing. If I press either button, the game and chat volume will go up and down together. I turn the game volume all the way down and I cant hear anyone speak. I turn the chat all the way down and I cant hear the game. Is there something wrong with my adapter? If anyone is having problems with this I found a work around. Turn your headsets up so you can hear people talk and then go into the settings of your game and turn the master volume down so the game is not to loud.