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        10. Re: How do I learn to aim??

        Thanks for the reply. I am getting better and finding that the more I play the better I get. The perks and using weapons and scopes over and over until I get used to them seem to be the key. I have gone from .11 KDR to .26 as of today. I am happy with that. This weekend I had a handful of matches where my KDR was over 1. That shows me that I am getting better. I may never see my overall KDR above 1 but that is my goal...and I have a long way to go.

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          11. Re: How do I learn to aim??

          i quickly browsed the replys so please forgive me if this was mentioned already. some advice that I found helpful a few years ago was to toy with your sensitivity, essentially how fast you turn. Play a few games and bump it up and repeat until your aim drops off and back it down one level. The ability to turn on an enemy in combination with being able to control the weapon is key to cqc one on one wins.

          To add on to a previous post, understanding how a weapon recoils and the affect that attachments have on it should also dictate where you start. The best, and one of the first, site I found so far that has this info is symthic.com. For a stat junkie like myself, fantasy football was a real obsession for me a long time, just reading a site like that to me is interesting. Hope this helps

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            12. Re: How do I learn to aim??

            Ooooh, you picked the worst COD to start with :S Get Black Ops 2, it's much funner and you probably won't have anywhere near these aiming problems.

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              13. Re: How do I learn to aim??

              if you wanna improve your aim i would say play squads and extinction good luck

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                14. Re: How do I learn to aim??

                One thing that always helped me, if you are using an automatic gun, is to pump the trigger. Burst guns are always more accurate as you do not have the 5 foot recoil effect lol. Its tough to get used to, but if you learn to pump those auto's you will have way better accuracy. Also as someone previously stated, using a fore grip and red dot was always my go to.


                Also, try to learn to drop shot. People hate it, but it keeps you alive long enough to miss 50% of your bullets, but still get the job done lol. Go to tactical button layout with the controller.

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                  15. Re: How do I learn to aim??

                  How big tv screen do u have? Over 38" screen so when u aim it starts to sway around the screen and its very hard to aim straight and u must adjust controller sensitivy really down so it doesnt sway around and its making ur guy really slow.

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                    16. Re: How do I learn to aim??
                    Repetition and perseverance, you'll get better the more you play
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                      17. Re: How do I learn to aim??

                      MW3 is a good COD to start with. Easiest one, in my opinion.


                      To answer your original question, the quickdraw perk is by far the best way to help aiming. If you're not good at aiming, try using a shotgun. You can hip fire the entire time and not have to worry about aiming.

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                        18. Re: How do I learn to aim??

                        Picking a gun and using it and using it and using it, will be the best way to get better at aiming. Practice makes perfect. Regardless if you can see the difference or not, the quick draw makes a big difference. As does Ready Aim. I would use them both. It will make all the difference in a head to head gun fight. Steady aim is a must if you run and gun as it drastically improves your hip firing. You don't really even need to aim with this. Slight of hand is also nice as you can reload faster and get back to shooting. The other perks you choose are preference. I use scavenger, slight of hand, ready up, marathon, steady aim, scavenger & sit rep I have no lethals or tacticals and no secondary weapon. I use a sub machine gun, the ripper(if you have the season pass) or the vector or CBJ.


                        I pretty much only play hard core kill confirmed. I go positive most matches and I'm also always in top 3. Usually in 1st.


                        Basically, you have to find this all out on your own. No one can teach you, you have to learn it. Just play. And play. And play. And play. If it doesn't feel right, if you aren't achieving what you want, make some changes and try again.

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                          19. Re: How do I learn to aim??

                          IED's were utter crap and anyone promoting their use lacks skill at the game. - Is what I would say to the pre-patched IED's however I don't know about the post-patch version.

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