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    I HATE TROLLS!!!!!

      Can anyone please explain to me the point of trolling?! I was just in a game with a kid who just picked me out of the team and decided to mess with me throughout the whole game! He would follow me around and jump in front of me when I was shooting someone and if he didn't get me killed for friendly fire he got us both killed because I would try not to shoot him and be the enemy would get the jump on us. Then I sit in a corner to reload (because I didn't have slight of hand on that class) and he comes and blocks me in and starts playing this obnoxious video very loudly through his mic and when I tried to tell him to move he'd just say, "can you please be quiet I'm trying to watch something." I don't know if it's just childishness or they actually think they're funny or what... Someone please explain this to me... I've had trolls follow me from game to game just to screw with me... It's LAME!!! lol

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          I used to get that on BO2 sometimes.  I assume they are just terrible at the game and generally hate their life so they take it out on random friendlies.

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            True they are annoying, but i tend to think of them as a portable meat shield that follows me around. I have dealt with them so many times that i actually found a use for them, and i purposely make them mad so they continue to do it when they stop. They are quite useful when used right. They are like a free support killstreak, which makes me happy. 


            Would you mind sending them over to me, i never seem to get them as much anymore.

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              i had one tonight but they are far and few between nowadays when i first started it seemed to happen a lot, to be honest i think its a bit like lets mess with the new guy, i noticed that the more i prestiged the less and less it happened, the same can be said for the after game messages, i used to get after game messages from cryers who got beat but i put it down to they didnt like getting beat by a low ranking player, im glad to say the messages have stopped since i started prestiging, as for trolls lay down let them take the bullet then shoot the guy who shot them.

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                They do it to drive you out of the game to get you to come here and complain about how you couldn't kill them because of ricochet in hopes the devs will remove it so they can then mass kills their teammates for even more fun.


                Ricochet causes this sort of trolling and it usually is from players that cannot stealother players streaks from field orders so they get mad about it and try and ruin the game in hopes ricochet is removed so they can steal streaks again by killing teammates on one or right after they just called one in.


                Or they did not like you camping to reload, or that you were doing better in the match than them. But with ricochet you cannot defend against it.


                So they do it and you complain.. the devs remove it.. they now can troll even easier for their yt vids to laugh about and look awesome to their friends for doing it.


                There is an entire yt culture that is all they do for the lulz.

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                    Trust me if i play dom and i see a person camping in a corner and not leaving for a couple minutes i will trap him in a corner, lay down and shoot into the ground with my unsilenced LMG to piss him off.

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                        You are exactly the kind of player the OP was talking about and would be set to avoid and the match left the moment you tried that. Would not even complain about it or come here to speak about it or report it.

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                          Why do that though? If they're on your team and they're not dying constantly and dragging the team down what's the point? If they payed $60 to sit in a corner why not let them? Just play the game how you play and let them play how they play. I would much rather see $hi++y players sit in a corner and not die so often rather than them rushing the enemy spawn constantly and dragging the team down.

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                        Honestly its fun to get a reaction from people. I do it every once in a while to blow off some steam but i will go into Gun Game and do knife only. Or i may go into FFA and enter spectator mode and mess around with people positions.

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                          They feed off your reaction, so temper it. When they find they can't get a rise out of you they will go away.


                          They are social degenerates who get pleasure out of causing distress to others, it is quite sociopathic behavior to be honest.


                          But Some Trolls are really darn cute.


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                            I enjoy a good troll sometimes. My favorite troll in MW3 was to drop a care package on my camping team mates. It always amazed me that they couldnt hear or see the red cloud of smoke surrounding them. But really...I can't remember the last time I was trolled. Some have tried, but it's quite easy to either reverse the troll on them or avoid it. If you get trapped in a corner, take a death and stop going in corners.

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                              I had some pos trolling me, following me around and standing in front of me in a slow game on stonehenge. So I went into an obscure corner of the map and sure enough he followed me there. So I went and ate a sandwich. Came back and the punk was still there lol.

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                                childishness or they actually think they're funny

                                Yep, you answered your own question.  They think it's funny because they are childish.  That said, although I never troll, I can admit to having chuckled at more than one vanossgaming video.  They do alot of trolling.  Hmm actually I guess they  mostly troll the OTHER team, if that's even conceptually possible, so I guess that seems less douchey.