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    Can you please help me with this?

      Ok, so I accidentally encrypted my samsung galaxy tab 2. I had to reset it to factory default. When I redownloaded the app, my save file had been corrupted. I called customer service and they gave me some advice, but it didn't work. My old activate account was minecraft756756. I paid real money for gem packs and I have proof of purchase if you need it. Some info about my kingdom before it got corrupted: Companions: 42/44 (just missing Ermit and Tessa) Level: 27 (60.1%) Gems at the time: 71 Islands: All Gold at the time: About 481,000   Highest ranked skylanders: Stink Bomb: 13 Wash Buckler: 12 Cupid Flameslinger: 12 L-Night Shift: 12 Rubble Rouser: 12 Rattle Shake: 12 Holiday Wash Buckler: 12 Tree Rex: 12 E-Hoot Loop: 10. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks.