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        @Rogue - I'm not sure if Netflix, but Orphan Black is currently my favorite show on TV.  Its a sci-fi show about clones and while it's not really a comedy, it's pretty funny and I know how much ya like humor in your shows.  Also on the subject of comedy I would suggest Ghostbusters, if ya haven't seen it yet.  One of the best comedies ever made and it also happens to be my favorite, haha.  Ferris Bueller's Day Off seems like a movie that would be right up alley since you do a lot of young adult writing and it's like THE teen movie outside of The Breakfast Club.  You might also get a kick out of Clue.  It's a bit of a darker comedy than Ghostbusters and Ferris cause it's very loosely based on the board game about someone being murdered, but it's also pretty silly and some great comedy vets in the cast.  For something that isn't a comedy, maybe try Casino Royale and Skyfall if they have it.  I remember you mentioning you liked the Bourne movies before and the recent Bond movies have taken some cues from it, though in Bond fashion the locations are flashier and Bond is less of the calm professional Bourne is, haha.


        Haha, well, we should get some sneak peaks next week during the Marvel movie documentary airing on Tuesday!  I doubt it'll show all that much aside from some concept art and maybe a set or two, but it should be interesting.  We'll probably see a good amount of Widow with her appearing in Cap 2 and all.  I aint expecting too much in the way of Hawkeye though, since he's had such a tiny role so far.  It would be sweet to see a peek at his costume for Avengers 2 though.


        Yeah, you're always gonna struggle to split up time between characters when ya have 20+ of em on one team.  I imagine that guys like Cap, Wolverine, and Iron Man won't be featured too heavily, not sure what that means for the likes of Clint and Natasha though since they're in quite a few books themselves.  The next issue is gonna be about Clint's team, but the solicit sounds like it'll be all about Starbrand.

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          @Iron: I'm actually watching Justice League on it right now!  I've been meaning to watch it for a while, so this was the perfect chance to do it.  I'm only 5 episodes in, but it's pretty fun so far.  I've seen some episodes here and there over the years, but I've never had the chance to watch it from start to finish like this before, so that should be cool.


          @Hawk: I actually haven't seen any of those things you listed, so I guess I have some movie watching to do! haha


          There's a Marvel movie documentary?  How did I not know about this!?  Where's it airing?


          Yeah, it's near impossible to give over 20 characters enough time and attention in one comic.  I've never really been a fan of books like that, since I prefer having a more tight-knit team or a solo book to the big sprawling stuff you get in these kinds of books.  You'll have to let me know if it turns out to be good or not then. 

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            @rogue - Hopefully you enjoy at least a couple of em, haha,


            Yup!  It's called Assembling a Universe and it airs at 8 Pm EST on whichever channel that SHIELD airs on.  ABC, I think it is?


            I think big and small casts can both be fun, but 20+ is a bit too big.  Like eight (maybe ten) main characters is the maximum ya can do to get plenty of character moments in between the plot stuff.  I'm still hopeful for Avengers World though.  Spencer's earned a bit of trust cause I enjoyed his SA run and I feel like a book deserves more than a couple issues to really settle in.


            On a different topic, how's your gaming been going lately?

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              Rogue Justice League is really good, me and my daughters loved that show. By keeping it to seven heroes they could give you some pretty good moments and really good stories. Lots of fun, lots of action and it covers the gamut with a ton of DC great DC villains in it.

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                Sorry I haven't been on much recently guys.  My computer is on the fritz.  Sometimes it turns on, sometimes it doesn't.  Time to go computer shopping!


                I hope they put that Marvel documentary in the "on demand" section.  I rarely catch shows as they air but I'd still like to see that one. 

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                  @Iron - Wow, what a dark episode of Walking Dead.  Very, very good though and we got a lot of resolution to this season's plot threads.  Also, some very cool zombie visuals.  Can't wait for the final too episodes and the little clip of Daryl for next week looks awesome!


                  @Jad - That sucks, how old is your computer and what kind ya think you'll be getting!


                  I'm sure they'll have it available to watch in a bunch of different ways!  I also wouldn't be shocked if it ends up on blu ray either as an extra for Cap 2 or its own thing.

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                    Yeah that was depressing and much better episode than the Daryl centric episode. Really sad how it all turned out but I am glad Carol just let it go at the end. I suppose the next two episodes will be about Daryl getting the girl free and the rest of them making it to the Terminus.

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                      @Hawk: Yeah, that would be ABC.  I'm not much for documentaries and stuff, so I'll probably end up skipping it.  I'd rather have them not take another break from SHIELD!  It seems like they take a break every 2 episodes. 


                      I agree.  About 8-10 is the biggest cast I can really see working.  Over 20 is just insane, since most characters wouldn't even appear in a lot of the issues like that.  Spencer's a good writer, so I'd give him a better chance of pulling it off than most, but it's a pretty tough situation to make work.


                      It's been going awesome!  I've been playing the HD collection with Tales of Symphonia and its sequel, Dawn of the New World.  I had played Symphonia once before, but it was even better on the second playthrough.  It's got some awesome characters (with some awesome voice acting.. Jennifer Hale and Cam Clarke in one game!), a fun battle system, great story, and some major humor.  It's a little older than the other Tales games I've played, with battles being in 2D instead of 3D, but that doesn't stop it from being awesome.  I'm playing the sequel now.  It's definitely not as good as the original (and they had to replace all the voice actors except for one), but it's still a lot of fun.  It's a less serious game than the first and can be downright hilarious, so that makes up for some of its shortcomings.  Also, it's pretty cool that my favorite character from the original gets more screentime than most characters. 


                      What about you?  What have you been playing?


                      @Iron: Yeah, Justice League is pretty cool so far.  I just finished the first Gorilla Grodd story, so I'm still pretty early.  I've seen some of the episodes here and there before, but I've never had the chance to watch them all like this, and I don't remember most of them.  I was probably about 12 or something when it was first on TV. 


                      @Jad: That's no excuse!  Make the computer work, no matter what!  You show that computer who's boss! 


                      Just kidding.  Hopefully, you can find a good computer on the cheap.  What kinda computers are you looking at?

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                        @Iron - There was a pretty cool piece of trivia they brought up on the after show where the actress revealed that the puzzle on the table during the confession scene was actually a picture of Sophia, Carol's daughter.  Bit of a fun thing to add in there since the episode was all about Carol and the two girls she's kinda adopted.  I had a feeling Carol would survive that scene though.  Tyreese wasn't gonna hurt her after he saw what she had just went through.  Did you agree with the decision she made with Lizzy?  She's just a little kid, but we saw all the things she was capable of.


                        @Rogue - Well, you might wanna check it out anyway since Feige has confirmed that we'll be see more than just a sneak peek of Avengers 2.  They don't have any real footage yet, but it sounds like we'll see quite a number of cool stuff.  Yeah, the scheduling for SHIELD has been brutal since December.  Shame too since it sounds like it's been getting better but wacky schedules can hurt interest.


                        Yeah, though I have a feeling that Hickman might be more involved in the writing than I first thought.  The preview for the next Avengers World is out and the way Clint talks is a bit different than the way Spencer wrote him in SA.  There's still some jokes, but the speech pattern is a little different.  Maybe part of that is Clint is in leader around a pretty inexperienced kid whereas in SA he was surrounded by fellow vets, though.  He does seem to come off more joking when he's addressing Jessica than when he's talking to Starbrand.  That's not a complaint, I should add, haha. I like it when someone remembers Clint is a competent leader and in particular seems to work well with kids/less experienced heroes.  Just an observation that I found was interesting (based on the couple pages we've had of him).


                        Nice!  I shoulda known you'd be playing another Tales game, haha.  Sounds like you really enjoyed it!  I think you said you'll be getting the HD remake of FF-X, yeah?


                        I've been playing a few things lately.  Although I beat the story for Assassin's Creed 4 a while ago, I went back to do all the optional objectives and beat all the legendary ships, which were pretty hard.  I got Dead Nation for free this month from PS Plus and it's a fun little top down zombie game, though the online servers are pretty buggy so I've had to stop playing it till it gets fixed.  So, I switched over to Don't Starve, which I got for free last month, and I've played that off and on.  It's a pretty hard game where ya gotta survive out in the wilderness.  I've made it as far as to winter, but then it started to snow and I didn't have any warm clothing so I couldn't move very far away from my campfire before I started to freeze, which made it really hard to forage for food.  I ended up freezing to death in a food search so now I'm back to the start, but at least I know I gotta prep for winter, haha.  It's pretty deep though, with all the different kinds of foods you can cook and tools and food ya can make.

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                          Rogue, Justice League is consistently good and I really loved the last episode before they switched to Justice League Unlimited. I love Hawkgirl, she is such a bad ass, and really liked John Stewart as GL, very cool. Flash we humorous and really just a good job overall for all the heroes. Makes me want to watch them again.


                          Hawk the decision with Lizzie was tough but what choice did you have, could you have gone to sleep around her or ever let her near the baby? You would constantly have to be on the lookout as she is obviously a psychopath. That world is a harsh world with harsh rules and really that is probably the best episode of the season right up there with the final episode of the first half of this season. I am looking forward to Daryl taking out those awful guys and hope it happens next episode, those guys are bad news.