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    PS3 Rant!


      I am pretty new to the PS3, but I love playing COD BO2 with my husband, however, they really need to make it to where 2 people can both utilize the headsets/blue toothes. There are 2 damn spots to plug them in! Why not allow us both to use them? grrr! Playstation, please fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          My wife and I have said the same thing. Although she isn't a big fan of talking online, we still think the capability to use 2 headsets should be there if people want to without having 2 consoles.

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            I know its not what youre looking for but they did fix this on the ps4 (to my understanding) i would look online if you havnt already to see if theres any ways to have 2 or more headsets connected.