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        50. Re: Gun DLC. Pre Cursor to pay to win

        The funny thing about these replies is gotsomestars, and in fact I, have the season pass. So we get the gun and have no ulterior motive to say it is P2W. Those who want to deny giving the gun to others do have an ulterior motive, having access to a gun that others don't. In spite of their certain denial to the contrary, I guess some aren't as good as they think they are if they need that advantage.

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          51. Re: Gun DLC. Pre Cursor to pay to win

          So resorting to insults is how you debate?

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            52. Re: Gun DLC. Pre Cursor to pay to win

            Not true, if you give a player a weapon that has better kill potential it does improve the player even if they dont have the same skill as other players. Easier to use weapons make bad players better by making them easier to use and get kills with. So yes adding a weapon in if not balanced can give an advantage to a player over the person that does not have it. And yes there are several similarities to p2w games in how this is moving.


            In past cods you didn't get weapons with map packs. what you started with was the same as what you ended with. In past games you couldn't buy extra slots for a cac loadout, you could buy extra number of cac loadouts but not extra slots per loadout.


            Allowing players to buy things such as cac slots, weapons, and perks or equipment once that happens is the very basis of how p2w works. It does not have to give them a marked advantage, any advantage at all and it is p2w for it gives them a better chance at winning over someone that does not have them.

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              53. Re: Gun DLC. Pre Cursor to pay to win

              Exactly. Hopefully they get off this business model.

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                54. Re: Gun DLC. Pre Cursor to pay to win

                Cant wait for the "health pack dlc", instead of spawning with 100 health you get to start with 200 health and double the recover rate, (in hardcore its nerfed a bit, it only lets you regenerate as you would in core mode). You also get an armor piercing bullet proof vest that protects you from explosives too and makes your body invisible to thermal scopes. All yours for 15.99, coming this summer...

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                  55. Re: Gun DLC. Pre Cursor to pay to win

                  Maybe he was just good and found people easily.

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                    56. Re: Gun DLC. Pre Cursor to pay to win

                    Yea okay I am sure if he switched to a pistol he would be able to do the same.

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                      57. Re: Gun DLC. Pre Cursor to pay to win

                      Voods wrote:


                      Your right man, our elite special force divisions totally go 1 to 1 ahahahha dude you need to take notice, you are NOT good, you are NOT even mediocre, to be blunt you are nothing but fodder for the rest of us to use as a shield. In any event keep crying, your KD and WL will stay the same and I.W. will release more DLC you dislike, yet you buy it, and keep playing.


                      I swear you probably cry about scufs


                      It's "you're"...


                      ... about the only thing I took away from that.

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                        58. Re: Gun DLC. Pre Cursor to pay to win

                        trialstardragon wrote:


                        Stop defending them as if it is a harmless direction for them to go.




                        Next thing you know, they'll force players to pay for maps -- so that not only you don't have access to the gear everyone has, but you can't play with them, either.







                        But, seriously, all forms of DLC has chances of ruining the game experience for non-payers, in the favor of payers.

                        The problem is not that the DLC gives the payers more, but that the buyers have advantages over those that did not pay.


                        More options and more variety is an advantage.

                        Higher level accounts and accounts with more DLC perks, weapons, killstreaks and equipment, both have an advantage.

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                          59. Re: Gun DLC. Pre Cursor to pay to win

                          I know it is a simple idea to understand but those that defend it either cant or wont or just don't want to loose those advantages.

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