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        60. Re: People backing out of games...C'mon.

        I'll stop leaving games early when the rest of my team can do better then a 0.450 KD in TDM, tired of carrying dead weight around. Hell even in domination half of my team will be 6-20-0 and getting really tired of it.

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          61. Re: People backing out of games...C'mon.


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            62. Re: People backing out of games...C'mon.

            There will always be people leaving games when they lose. Nobody like to get their AsZ kicked!

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              63. Re: People backing out of games...C'mon.

              If you remove the ability to leave people stop playing even more. Until this game is perfect inn every way they can't penalize anyone for leaving especially when the spawns keep causing teams to win or lose.

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                64. Re: People backing out of games...C'mon.

                Good point! Way too much sketchy stuff in this game to worry about people quitting out. I've been on both sides of it enough to understand what is usually going on as they quit out.

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                  65. Re: People backing out of games...C'mon.

                  For me there are many different reasons to be tempted backing out:


                  1. I get thrown into a match that is almost over and  the team I'm in gets humiliated

                  2. Spawns - sometimes there are these matches when you just keep getting insta-spawn-killed i,e,d "spawn" - "enemy comes around the corner, shoots you in the back", if that's happening 3 or more times in a row I'm out

                  3. Lag - yesterday I was in one of those matches where you just can't hit ****, not even at point blank range

                  4. Cheaters/Hackers - well that's obvious I think


                  Games are all about having fun.

                  If some people have a technical advantage it can be a total butthurt and will only end up in making your blood pressure rise.

                  I personaly don't need that and I don't see why people should get penalized for stuff like that.

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                    66. Re: People backing out of games...C'mon.
                    Okay you get what you want.They develop it ,you download it into game.Guess what next,yes a mod is developed to stop player getting Penalized.Another mod on the list,another patch for the patch.So yes your request is selfish for a list of reasons.  The time,effort,resources,money would be far better spent on solving the already existing mods problem to the benefit of all online players.
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                      67. Re: People backing out of games...C'mon.

                      i understand what you are saying, however this hasnt been the case since ive been playing mw2.. it has been what COD is, you get into a lobby, and you are either losing or winning if the game is in progress.. that person does not have to play that lobby, you can spectate see if it is something that player wants to participate in, and leave.. what this does is cause the inevitable win for the winning team faster, which is what this is all about


                      there are bigger problems with the game than players backing out, i for one never did care that they did back out.. unless im clan'd up im playing FFA and if they back out then its an easier win for me, if im clan'd up, its even better if they back out, because we want the W and if it is clan wars, we want it faster

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                        68. Re: People backing out of games...C'mon.

                        Agree on ALL points, especially #2.  As soon as I realize I'm getting spawn killed (which generally does take about 3 times) I'm out.  But by then most of my team has experienced the same thing and has already gone and that's why the other team is batting me like a ping pong ball (this has happened a lot to me lately playing as I have just started playing quite a bit of Blitz.)  It's a loser either way at that point so I'm not gonna' stay in just to be a kill feed. Besides I'm not hung up on stats so W/L ratios don't enter into the equation for me.  Plus at my age I don't need the added bonus of hypertension that comes with these "Now you see me, now I'm dead" scenarios. 


                        On your #1 point when I get thrown into a match I'll spectate for a few seconds just to see what I'm getting into.  If I see the match is more than half over or there are only 3 or so people on the team I'm coming into or if the score is so lopsided that I know there is nothing I can do to bring it back around, I just leave without ever interacting in the match.

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                          69. Re: People backing out of games...C'mon.

                          I will admit to backing out. Yeah it does suck for some. But then again I have a lower K/D at .63 as it takes me longer to learn the maps and just got the game.... There is nothing better then going up against a clan or group of guys that have a average K/D of 2.5 and play together all the time. And it always happens to be a newbie team I'm on.


                          Why can't they put players on the same level in a lobby? when in a group average the K/D so its a fair game and match the opposing team? More enjoyable? Why can't they level out the lag. Tired of shooting some one in the back hit markers and all and they turn around and shoot me.


                          I'm sick of playing against the much better players, hacks and the offensive language group getting my butt kicked and when the match is over they call me out on my bad game, tell me to give up and listening to the "N" word constantly.... Yeah cause I really want to stay in those games.....

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