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        170. Re: Nerf AR's

        This is my new desk top back ground. Thanks.

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          171. Re: Nerf AR's

          You are joking right? If you can't handle either gun they you are just not at this game. Learn to adapt it's that simple I never have a problem with either gun they are easier to kill then any other gun types.

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            172. Re: Nerf AR's

            The MSBS didn't even need a nerf are you joking?

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              173. Re: Nerf AR's

              Or instead of nerfing those guns you sale your game and stop ruining it for others.

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                174. Re: Nerf AR's

                lol most stuff in the gun take zero skill to use.  The only guns that take skill to use are sniper and marksman rifles and, other than that, the Valkyrie Rockets in BO1, which, surprise surprise, nobody used.


                Shotguns require Steady Aim to get a tight hipspread, which should come as standard.  And their OHK range isn't all that.  That's why they're gimped.


                LMGs don't do much more damage than ARs so the extra recoil doesn't make sense considering the extra movement penalties associated with them.  And are you stating LMGs having a 'huge' magazine size as a reason for being good?  They're supposed to.  Also you said, "The LMGs in Ghosts have the less recoil, more damage, more range, and better iron sights than the AR".  Have a look at the weapon charts here then and you are wrong: http://symthic.com/cod-ghosts-weapon-charts?lmg=1&ar=1&sort=Class&adsc=DESC&attc 1=None&attc2=None Oh the AK-12, the AR of your choice, has better damage and range than the LSAT, an LMG.  But you said LMGs have more damage and better range?  So who's right then?


                If you think the ARs are terrible you should up your game.  They have always been good to top tier in COD - ACR, Type 95, M4, SC-2010, Famas, Aug, AN-94, FAL etc.  LMGs and sniper rifles were made for camping, because of their movement penalties with moving with them, so I'm not sure why you brought that up.  I play Gears of War these days anyway.  Higher skilled game where you can't snipe people with assault rifles from 50m away and the community doesn't demand nerfs because they can't up their game.

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                  175. Re: Nerf AR's

                  I don't why people keep requesting easier game every year but they want the guns that take the most skill nerfed it makes no sense lol.

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                    176. Re: Nerf AR's

                    In past cod games, the balance is all out of wack, but Ghosts did it right.

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                      177. Re: Nerf AR's

                      Your stats show that the ARs have a heavier multiplier on side to side recoil while LMGs tend to kick up/down. There is even more down to counter the up on LMGs vs AR except for the Honey Badger. As anyone with a brain will tell ya, it's easier to control vertical recoil. According to that chart the M27 IAR outclasses every assault rifle when you combine all the different stats together. Don't forget that LMGs have better wall penetration damage. Not sure why you posted that long thing when your own chart discredits your argument.

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                        178. Re: Nerf AR's

                        Actually Black Ops 1 did it right every gun had some form of recoil and had a con as well to go with it. I never got outgunned simply cause the gun was better in that game.

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                          179. Re: Nerf AR's

                          Such great memories of Black Ops.


                          So many things they got right in that game.

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