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        60. Re: What is the point of the shotgun rank?

        I have shotgun emblem on 2 accounts 1 on xbox and 1 on ps3 personally some of the best players have the skull emblem, i got the shotguns playing online solo so it has nothing to do with revives or being a team player i think its kills to downs consistancy, grenades and accuracy, this is just my opinion, took 13 days on ps3 to obtain 2 hours a night and 7 days on xbox 2 hours a night, a mixture of town farm bus depot and nuketown, no tranzit.I think it is more important to have fun than worry about emblem, i also have got hate in random lobbys and being spamed with friend requests. On another subject if anyone can do tranzit maxis easter egg on ps3 add harrylouise or xbox StraightupNades thanks.

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          61. Re: What is the point of the shotgun rank?

          well keep playing because i didn't get my shotguns till my kd was at 2.00 it also depents how many kills to downs you have,the more kills you have the higher the require kd is to get the shotguns

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            62. Re: What is the point of the shotgun rank?

            1v1 me buddy c: My gamertag is Life0fajuggalo and the 0 in of is a zero I'm not a squeeker and I have a dagger but with a KPD of around 300 c: here are my stats

            kills: 22062 Downs: 75 KPD: 294

            Revives: 124

            Bullets fired: 134356 Accuracy: 224%

            Grenade kills: 156

            Headshots: 3300

            Gibs: 21193

            Perks drank: 252

            Doors opened: 185

            Traveled miles: 194

            Tallies: 5 (finally. With my sleeping schedule so messed up it took me like 10 days to finally get it because I either started playing at 1 in the morning which took a tally off) :b

            Rank: Skull with knife and blue eyes (5 tallies for blue eyes)

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