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    Rank Reset - no update and it's over a 2 weeks



      Not to sure if anyone else is having this issue but since the patch landed ~ 2 weeks ago I have lost all my ranks and stats, I raised a forum message like I am again doing today in the hope that someone would be able to help fix this issue. I got a reply from Flava (Tech guy?) however he asked me a few questions then I then nothing, has anyone else experienced these issues?


      the support around this seems very poor considering the size of the game.


      Any help on how I take this forward would be greatly appreciated.






      P.S there has also been no hacking / cheating taking place here neither as I have seen that being mentioned on other posts with similar issues.

        • Re: Rank Reset - no update and it's over a 2 weeks

          Can you play now on the same name? I would suggest just starting over at zero, it's really the only option because you're not going to get set back.


          They don't reset players for no reason, maybe unbeknownst to you, you got placed in a hacked lobby and didn't back out. I can easily see it being an honest mistake, but they aren't going to give you your rank back.