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      DOOM ELITE quick facts - Red Tag Level 25 Max Clan, Won the first 4 Platinum wars to get Body Count, Won the 2nd Diamond Division (got 2nd due to the PSN connectivity issues in the 1st diamond division clan wars), and we are a PS3/PS4 clan. Sorry, no Xbox players.


      Requirements for joining will be stringent:


      1) Older than 21 years old (or at least 18), you should be old enough to control the TV over your parents, and you should be old enough to play a mature rated game.

      2) Should be from the USA or Canada and able to compete in East coast time Clan Wars (7-11 PM est, Fri-Sun)

      3) Gotta have a Mic, and have to use clan app. I can't tell you how annoying it is to get teammates that don't communicate - either during games or prior to clan wars about availability.

      4) KD > 1.5, Win %65 - I honestly don't think hours says much about how often you play. Some guys have tons of hours and are just burnt out of playing, others have created new accounts. In order to get accurate KD/win% though we should prob have a 4 days played limit ~ 100 hours.


      We have a large variety of players, physicians, teachers, business owners, parents, college students, etc. We all have busy lives but do our best to carve out time for playing Clan Wars. We want mature players who can guarantee dedication to playing during Clan Wars. Currently we have roughly 50 members and plan on keeping the number in the 60-68 range.


      When you reply to this message, list your PSN name, PS3 vs. PS4, KD, Win %, hours played, what region of USA/Canada you play in, and also apply to Doom Elite through the Clan App. If you are accepted, respond in the Clan App Chat so we can ensure your ability to communicate through the App as it is crucial for the success of communication during Clan Wars.